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Are you having a hard time at work due to conflict with someone?

Do you feel drained and depressed after dealing with a particular person at work? Do you feel angry and resentful towards your boss, or a work colleague?

How would it feel to become free from stress and anxiety at work?

'Free From Conflict' may just be the tool that helps you to regain your peace and leave conflict behind altogether.

This 21-part free email course gives you tips and techniques to deal with the difficult thoughts and emotions that you experience as a result of having conflict with someone at work.

Every three days you will receive a useful exercise that will help you overall to become more aware of yourself and to let go of painful thoughts and emotions, so that ultimately you see conflict at work dissolve.

This free email course is born out of my personal experience of having had conflict at work with my boss for about three years.

After much trial and error, I found ways to deal with my thoughts and emotions and to bring about more awareness (find out more about my story of conflict at work by following the link).

Free from conflict - finally!

The result of practicing awareness whenever a potential situation of conflict came up was that all the problems with my boss started to melt away.

As if by magic, my boss turned from being controlling and reprimanding me for small details to being helpful and understanding.

All I did was to put in practice a number of tools that brought me to a stage of full awareness at work. Now I'm sharing with you some of those tools in this free email course.

So if you wish to regain your peace at work, sign up for this free email course and start seeing conflict disappear!

Right after you sign up you will receive an email to confirm your subscription - click through the link to confirm your subscription and receive the first email of the series.

Your details are safe - I don't share them with third parties.

You can unsubscribe from this free email course at any time you want.

Subscribe now and receive the first part of 'Free From Conflict' within seconds! See you on the other side ;-)


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"There is a kind of victory in good work, no matter how humble."

Jack Kemp

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