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Signing up to 'Dare To Play It Big' is really easy: fill in the form below and click the button 'Subscribe'. You will then receive an email asking for confirmation of your subscription. After you respond to that email you will get 'Dare To Play It Big' on the 17th day of each month.

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What do I mean by "dare to play it big"?

I believe that the fear that stops us the most is the fear of our own potential, of being our brilliant selves and enjoying an amazing life.

We fear that we cannot handle being great, or we cannot handle others handle us being great, and we sabotage ourselves unconsciously or play it small.

I choose to think positively and enjoy its benefits. This helps me greatly to dream big and be the best I can be.

I've created the free positive thinking newsletter 'Dare To Play It Big' with the purpose of helping you to choose the sunny side of the street more often.

I also want to bring more awareness into our lives and leave you with a lighthearted soul, and with some food for thought to explore your possibilities.

What can you find in 'Dare To Play It Big'?

In this free positive thinking newsletter you will get:

  • A Hello! intro

  • The Thought Of The Month

  • A Positive Recommendation

  • A Grateful Thought

I wish that my free positive thinking newsletter 'Dare To Play It Big' helps you to look at life in a new and empowering way, and brings you closer to achieving what you want!

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What readers of 'Dare To Play It Big' are saying about it:

  • "Hope all is well. Just got to say a big 'thank you' once again. I'm signed up to a few inspirational blogs, all of which bring rich reward, but I love the way you always bring me a knowing smile - as if you know me well, and a fresh reminder to look with an elevated view. I'll admit to being a little weary this Monday morning, and you've just given a great boost. I shall be considering "Eight Ways To Feel Good" from here on, and stick it up to remind me." - Giles, UK

  • "I'm always amazed - and delighted - by the way you pack such BIG chunks of wisdom into so few sentences! 'Dare to Play It Big' gets better with every issue, and your website gets better with every page." - Susan, US

  • "Dare to play it Big, the positivity of these words made me sign up for your newsletters. I have had the experience of not reading the newsletter sometimes on the exact day it arrives but when I do it's exactly what I need for the day or it speaks to something I experienced a few days before.

    I thank You for the time you give to this free positive thinking magazine; it inspires, empowers and contributes to the higher consciousness of awakening humanity to their Spiritual Magnificence." - Dr. Taska Hare, Healing Touch Centre, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

  • "'Dare to Play it Big' is a continuous source of inspiration and helpful reminders for me since I first subscribed in October 2008. Even now, I feel elevated each time I find it in my inbox :) - something like you feel just before getting a good news. "The monthly thought" is the section I dig first because in it Cris, in her unique way of writing, always bring some positive perspective toward life. "Inspiration from you" is also my favourite not only because I got 'published' in it twice :) but also because it makes DTPIB 'ours'. I congratulate Cris, big time, for spreading all this positive energy." - Munawara Sultana. Lahore, Pakistan

Thank you for signing up for the free positive thinking newsletter 'Dare To Play It Big' - see you in the next issue! ;)

"While there seem to be many things to manage in the world, the most important thing to manage is your consciousness."

Alan Cohen

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