Get Up To Positive Thinking

Get up to positive thinking with these easy-to-follow tips

Good morning!

This is the beginning of a new day.

Your mind is right awake, ready to take anything you feed it with.

The first hour or so after you wake up sets the tone for the day. And because you want to have a great day, you want to use all tools at your disposal to make it so.

It is easy! Take it one day at a time, and notice what a difference it makes to put your mind in the right place when you wake up.

Get up to a positive day with the following tips:

  • Have ready a little mantra or a set of principles to start your day. I used to have a set of affirmations on a card next to my bed, so I could read them first thing when I woke up:

    "I love and accept myself completely"

    "I can deal with anything"

    "I accept what is and let go in peace"

    Choose your own set of affirmations to give shape to your day in your preferred way.

  • Dedicate ten to fifteen minutes to be thankful or to meditate, before you start doing anything else.

    In this way you can free your mind from automatic negative thoughts and ensure that you start your day with the "right foot".

  • It is also helpful to write a little script of what you want out of your day the previous night. For example:

    19th January

    I feel peace

    Work on my project

    Spend some time laughing with friends

    Your tailor-made script will put your mind in a positive state the night before, so that you can get up to positive thinking feeling motivated about your day.

Your motto

When you are more awake (for me that is between half an hour to an hour after I wake up), write down a motto for your day. For example:

Today I am going to experience calm

It is very important that you use the word "today" because it makes your statement more real and powerful.

Remember your motto throughout the day to keep up the positive feelings that you have experienced in the first hours of your day.

Make every day important

You can get up to positive thinking by choosing to do something that will get you closer to your goals.

You can choose to take one more step towards being more fit, getting the house you want or achieving peace in your relationships.

This will make you feel energized and happy with yourself.

Towards balance

Use the tips above to get up to positive thinking every day.

Adjust the steps to suit your situation and your character, and you will feel that you can easily start leading a life of balance.

"Optimism doesn't wait on facts. It deals with prospects. Pessimism is a waste of time."

Norman Cousins

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