God has truly shown me his greatness

by Rebeca LK
(South Africa)

I am a lady by the age of 33, for years I have struggled to get a good permanent job... but God somehow revealed his preciousness - he blessed me with a good job.

Thank you God again and again, I recall during my tough days I would tell my god how I will serve him whole heartedly and I did that with so much passion and love...

But something happened that made me lose my focus on serving my god, I began not to pray like I used to, but anyway he never left my side - he kept blessing me... oh how wonderful is the love of God; I am grateful - thank you my master...

Then I met this wonderful guy who loved me so much, the love he has for me is so amazing, I have never been loved like this before of course except by my father in heaven, and now I'm pregnant with my first child who's very healthy and I believe also cute... how did this come I really don't know.

God truly loved me this time. So people! I would like to make a vow that I will never leave the side of his love and will always keep on praying...

God I give you the praise, honour, the glory and the blessings.

You are my life my God... thank you again for this miracle of healing me in Jesus name. Amen.

Rebeca LK

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Jan 17, 2010
by: Cristina

Rebeca, thank you for sharing your blessings - I find it beautiful that your life is so full of gifts. And all the best with your first child!

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