Get Yourself Into The Habit Of Repeating Phrases To Build A Positive Attitude

The habit of repeating phrases can be traced back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when the French pharmacist Emile Coue gave his patients a phrase to repeat daily to help them improve their health.

The sentence was: "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better". In fact, this is the first "established" positive affirmation.

The power of positive phrases

The power of positive phrases or positive affirmations lies in repeating them with a certain amount of conviction or faith.

A phrase can make a positive impact on us through repetition with positive emotion.

The brain starts assuming the reality of what the phrase affirms, and it starts generating the conditions that fit that reality, even if it was not totally true in the first place.

Positive affirmations work very well when you repeat them with positive emotion.

This doesn't take away the fact that you can start working with an affirmation without any emotion, and you can eventually get to a place of actually feeling positively what the affirmation states.

How can you benefit from the habit of repeating phrases?

You can repeat phrases to help you:

  • Improve your health or your overall well being: "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better".

  • Calm down and control anxiety: "I feel calm and peace inside me".

  • Bring about positive changes: "I am attracting a better job right now".

  • Be in a better emotional state: "I can deal with all that life brings me".

  • Attract money: "I have all the money that I need at any time".

Some people choose to use positive phrases to loose weight and even to feel better about their bodies.

Best times to repeat phrases

You can create your own set of positive phrases and repeat them at any time to help you stay in a positive mood. For a while, I found it useful to carry a few A6 cards with affirmations written down.

You can also repeat positive statements before a stressful occasion, like before an important interview or meeting, before an exam, even before a date!

I like focusing on a positive affirmation at the beginning of my day to place myself in a positive state - this is a great way to start a new day of positive thinking.

You could also choose to repeat a positive phrase when you are going to bed, in order to calm down from the events of the day and help you wake up in a positive state the following morning.

A brief positive statement could sound like "I am grateful for the day that has been. I am at peace with everything and everybody. I will wake up well rested from this soothing sleep".

More examples of positive phrases

I am calmed and in control of my emotions

I feel light and think with clarity

I am self-confident and sure of myself

I feel attractive

I am in a positive mood

Peace and love shine through me

A really good positive habit

The habit of repeating phrases is very easy to incorporate to your life and can help you build what you want.

You can build self-confidence, attract the results you want in any area, or improve any condition through repeating positive affirmations.

A few times I got myself out of a cold in a day by repeating "I am complete health" intensively throughout the day, while evoking the feeling of good health.

The trick is, as you probably imagine, persistence. That is why it is the habit of repeating phrases.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

Thomas Jefferson

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