Health Affirmations

These health affirmations will help you to achieve your perfect state of health

Many studies have proven the connection between positive thinking and good health.

The fact is that body, mind and spirit are connected, and whatever you experience in any of those areas will permeate through the rest.

At the time of writing I'm busy reading 'The placebo effect' by Lissa Rankin, where she speaks about studies proving the physical and chemical connection between our thoughts and the health we experience.

Other authors, like Deepak Chopra in 'Creating health', also speak about the connection between keeping a positive attitude and having good health.

Your body has a natural mechanism to heal itself - if you allow it. The thing is, healing cannot happen while you're stressed, but it is the default mode that your body goes into when you relax.

So then what you want is to have the tools that allow you to relax - because that's how your body heals. The health affirmations below are one of the tools you can use to bring about relaxation and good health.

Twist the affirmations to suit your preferences, and using the best affirmation wording to make effective affirmations.

Here's the fascinating thing for me: if it is shown that the placebo effect works (in simple terms, what we believe to be true becomes true), and we are the only ones with the power to choose our own thoughts, then we also have the power to create our own health, not just by what we choose to eat but also by what we choose to think.

Here's to your good health! ;)

Health affirmations

I am complete health

I know exactly what to do to be healthy

I see myself young and full of vitality

Everyone facilitates me in achieving perfect health

Healthy food is a source of pleasure for me

I always have all the energy I need

I relax into feeling fully healthy

I enjoy doing exercise and feeling its benefits

Every day I take steps toward becoming more healthy

I now experience having perfect health

My well-being increases constantly

It is easy for me to exercise

I radiate health

I am grateful for the perfect functioning of all parts of my body

My body heals itself

I now choose to eat healthy food

It is fun to take the steps to become healthier 

"If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with."

Deepak Chopra

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