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You have tried to make yourself 'a better person' and overcome those little issues that you know keep you stuck, but without much success... or at least, you have not gotten to the point where you know you can be.

You may be going from relationship to relationship trying to find happiness and yet feeling stuck and unhappy in each of them; you may have tried to loose weight but you keep on buying little treats or going to the fridge whenever you have a craving...

You may have tried to exercise, 'but you'll start tomorrow'; you may have tried to overcome jealousy or anger, just to find yourself doing or saying the precise thing that keeps you in the cycle of anger or jealousy, no matter how great your desire for acting differently...

If the above sounds like you (it definitely sounded like me at certain points of my life), then the Holosync meditation program may well hold a key for a whole new way of life for you.

The Holosync meditation program uses a combination of different brain wave patterns which bring you to a state of deep relaxation, to a pond of stillness and calm.

These brain wave patterns stimulate the brain and make it grow towards a "whole-brain thinking", which in turn produces beneficial changes in your mental and emotional health, and allows you to handle stress better.

Whole-brain thinking

You see, the majority of people, consciously or unconsciously, look at life from a dual point of view. Things are either right or wrong. They have a certain belief of how a couple relationship should be, or how one should handle money, and anything else that doesn't fit that belief is wrong and perhaps even threatening.

A dual view of our lives brings about much stress. The moment whatever situation or person does not fit what you think is right or appropriate, you suffer, whether at work or in your personal relationships or dealing with your kids.

Let's take the example of jealousy. Say, you feel jealous when you see your partner talking to somebody else in what you judge as a flirting attitude.

There's a lot to say about where this jealousy comes from and the bunch of beliefs attached to it, but the main idea is that you consider 'right' that your partner is devoted only to you and it is 'wrong' if they flirt with somebody else than you. Immediate stress into your life.

The Holosync technology stimulates your brain in a way that the right and left hemispheres start 'working together' and rigid ideas such as wrong and right start fading away.

Your perspective is enlarged. You start dealing with everything in your life from a more holistic point of view - and life starts being much easier than it has ever been. It is as if you were 'seeing beyond'.

How Holosync work

This meditation program provides you with half an hour to an hour of deep meditation daily. Then, when you go about your daily life, you experience a type of meta-thinking, where you think about the way you think about certain things.

Holosync brings you to a new level of awareness where deep-buried issues and your old ways of dealing with them come to surface, 'forcing' your mind to find new models of thinking to deal with them. This may bring upheaval at times, as you feel as if your old ways no longer work, but you haven't found new ways yet.

However, the mind is a powerful tool, and as 'chaos' on your way to think about life increases, your mind reaches also a new point of 'reorganization' at a higher level to deal with all new elements, leaving behind old and reductionist patterns of thinking.

As a result, those issues that one day brought you a lot of stress no longer cause you that much stress, and you progressively find new ways of dealing with them.


What results can you expect from using the Holosync meditation program?

Generally speaking, you will start accessing a new level of awareness, which keeps increasing constantly. This will translate into your life in different ways depending on your particular circumstances.

For instance, you may start realizing that your relationships haven't worked so far because you keep on insisting that the other person makes you happy.

This may have placed a burden in the relationship in terms of expectations, upsetness when the expectations are not met, and resentment. You may then find that you can actually find happiness in yourself, regardless the external circumstances.

This may take you to a whole new level of approaching relationships, as you question what it is that you then want a relationship for. It may make you arrive to true unconditional love, where you can love your partner whatever they choose to do.

Many other benefits of using the Holosync meditation program include: becoming more relaxed and more centered, being able to deal with whatever comes with less anxiety and stress, greater intuition, increased vitality and energy, enhanced creativity, or improved concentration.


Unlike many other meditation programs that sell you a CD and that's it, Holosync comes with an extensive support program. As you advance in the use of the soundtracks, you receive newsletters that address what you are dealing with at each stage.

These newsletters are really eye-opening and help a lot to move through the new stages of awareness you progressively arrive at.

You also have a dedicated phone line with trained staff that will help you with anything you may be experiencing as a result of the use of the soundtracks.

I phoned them a few times and I invariably spoke to very kind and helpful people, who addressed exactly what I voiced and gave me ideas on how to deal with my issues.

You even get the occasional free magazine and free book to help you understand the changes you experience in your way of thinking and the way that translates into your life.

A magazine I received once gave me the exact keys I needed to move forward at that point with a more holistic approach to life.

You will also receive free bonus soundtracks throughout the program, which are designed to increase your centeredness, peacefulness, and gratitude.

You can also make use of the discounts for more advanced levels that you will receive in follow-up letters.

My experience with Holosync

I have definitely experienced important changes in my life throughout the use of Holosync, as a result of replacing old models of thinking with new ones.

I find myself to be much more relaxed than just a few years ago, yet with a high level of energy and focus as never before. My relationships have improved in very little time due to the fact that I no longer take everything personally and that I have stopped acting because of fear of losing somebody.

In fact, I actually look at relationships in a complete different way, which allows for creativeness, playfulness and spontaneity, and it feels much more fulfilling than my old perspective.

I have crossed internal boundaries that had bothered me for years. I have become much more the person I know I truly am but had never dared being. And these are only some of the benefits I have experienced from using Holosync.

Results don't happen overnight, though. You need to listen to the program consistently to obtain benefits. You may think nothing is happening, but your brain structure is nevertheless changing and it will show internally, in the processes of your mind, in questions that may come to you, in new thoughts and ideas.

For instance, after a few weeks of listening to Holosync one good day you may wake up questioning deeply why it is you keep on doing a job you hate, and you may start realizing a string of issues that make you move forward towards a way of life that resonates more with who you truly are.

You are meant to listen to the Holosync tracks daily, although there is a bit of a margin for adjustment. As you advance into the program, you may want to reduce or increase the frequency of your listening.

However, support is always there and they can advise you on what to do if you so wish.

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All in all

Even though some may say Holosync is expensive, I can tell you that its price is actually small for all the benefits you get out of the program. How much would you pay for accessing a whole new level of looking at and experiencing life? Exactly, you cannot really put a price on it.

Holosync is a high quality program that does deliver the results it promises; I know that because I have experienced it myself.

At Holosync they also know that, and that's why they offer you a full refund for up to a year: if you use Holosync as directed and you don't see any changes, they will give you a refund anytime during that year. My bet is that once you've tried Holosync you won't want to ask for a refund - you'll want to keep on using it.

See, they describe Holosync as "the most incredible growth tool you've ever used" - and I agree.

One of the immediate benefits that you can experience when listening to the soundtracks is a state of relaxation and calm, probably beyond what you have ever imagined possible.

You can choose to do your listening in the morning to set the tone of your day - being relaxed and able to deal with anything from a place of calm. If you choose to do your listening in the night, it will help you to wind down and let the stress of the day fall behind.

On higher levels of the program you will be offered to record affirmations for your growth with your own voice. These personalized affirmations are recorded subliminally in the tracks you listen to, so that you receive positive input to advance however way you like in whichever area of your life.

My recommendation to you is that you go to the home page of this meditation program and you ask for the free demo CD. You will receive a CD with a sample of the soundtracks and a number of testimonials from users of this program.

When I first asked for my free demo CD, just the twenty minutes the track lasts left me in a completely relaxed state - and that is only a tiny bit of what Holosync does.

You can then experience it for yourself. Follow this link to find out more about this meditation program and get your free demo CD. Welcome to a new way of living life! ;)


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