How To Become A Positive Person?

This easy guide on how to become a positive person can be what you want to achieve greatness

You may already experience some of the benefits of positive thinking: a general feeling of well being, a steady positive attitude to deal with negative circumstances successfully, attracting acts of serendipity and positive events to your life...

So now, how do you put all that together and make it a more permanent feature of your life? In other words...

...How to become a positive person?

The secret to create a life where you feel good and attract positive circumstances to you most of the time lies in making small changes bit by bit, so over time you achieve a more positive attitude.

See, most of us tend to run a negative thought of train by default. We fear what may happen and dwell on the uncertainty of life, rather than focus on what's going well.

The key is re-training your mind to focus on the positive, in such a way that after a while it does so almost automatically.

Tips to become a positive person:

  • Make a change in your attitude and your words. "I hope it doesn't rain" can be swapped by "It would be nice if it was sunny"; a long commuting to work that you always thought as tiring can be seen as a brilliant opportunity to listen to music, read, or chat with a stranger.

  • Get yourself two or three positive thinking books and make a point of reading at least ten pages a day of one of them.

    This will over time make a difference on the way you look at life.

  • Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people. When you meet someone that makes you feel better because they look on the bright side of life, decide to maintain contact with them more often.

    Pay attention to the way they see life and the words they choose to use. Look at their attitude and their general perspective on life. What could you learn that would benefit your life too?

  • Create your own set of affirmation cards with positive thinking affirmations to carry with you and read anytime, anywhere.

    You could read the whole set of affirmations in the first hour of the day and before you go to sleep, or just bring out the card and pick one affirmation at any point during the day.

  • Purchase a good software program on positive thinking. Some programs out there are definitely worth it and can help you deal with limiting beliefs.

    I have reviewed for you the positive program Holosync, which is a meditation program that also contributes to expanding your awareness.

  • Check the following resources to find more tools on how to become a positive person.

A thought at a time

As Louise Hay puts it in 'You can heal your life', we are dealing with a thought and just a thought at any given time, and a thought can always be changed.

Even the most difficult or painful of circumstances is not so when you change the way you think about it.

You don't need to change the circumstances, but you can choose the way you think about them.

One last key...

All these tips are helpers for you to learn how to become a positive person. The greatest tool you can have however is persistence, because when you repeat a positive action many times it goes from something alien to a habit.

Over time, as you put in practice positive thinking tools, you will find that your life starts to shine in many different ways.

"Take a risk. You have the power within to move mountains."

Cheryl Richardson

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