How To Keep A Positive Attitude?

Discover how to keep a positive attitude with these four tips

You cannot control the events that you experience during the day. You will feel very good about some events, while you may find others downright awful.

However, you can control how you respond to what you experience, and that is ultimately the way that you build a life that pleases you.

Your feelings about anything depend on what you think about it. And how easily you can change your thoughts depends on how deep your beliefs are.

The road of becoming self-aware is, as far as I can tell, a lifelong one. However, the more self-awareness you have, the easier it gets to change your thoughts, the more flexible about your beliefs you become, and the happier you find yourself.

Four useful thoughts to keep a positive attitude

Below you will find four statements that you can use to help you steer your thoughts in a pleasant direction and keep a positive attitude. You can use them as reminders, especially when life gets tough:

  1. Everything happens for a reason

    I believe that everything happens for a reason, even when we cannot see it.

    For instance, there may have been occasions in your life when you experienced a very unpleasant situation, like a break-up or being fired - only to find, some time later, a more suitable partner or a better job.

    You may also be able to trace the origins of a good situation in your life back to a difficult time. For instance, a break-up led me to spend time in another country as an Erasmus student, which gave me an opportunity to apply for a job as an Erasmus scholarship coordinator at the university of Seville, which was one of the best jobs of my life.

    Had I not gone through a break-up and spent time abroad, I would have not had the job opportunity, for which having had an Erasmus scholarship was a must.

    Besides, sometimes we need to experience difficult times in order to get out of our comfort zone and grow stronger.

    Whenever you experience difficult times and wonder how to keep a positive attitude, remember that everything happens for a reason, and keep an open mind as to what that reason may be. Sometimes you'll only know years later ;)

  2. This moment is perfect for you

    You can appreciate that this moment is perfect for you when you accept that everything happens for a reason.

    Since all experiences that you have are designed to bring you to a better stance, you are therefore getting exactly what you need to get in order to advance at any point of your life.

    Remembering that this moment is perfect for you can also help you to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty.

    At times we don't know whether what we are doing is the best thing to get the outcome we want - or should we be doing something else?

    Don't worry about it. This moment is perfect for you. You are all right.

  3. There's an opportunity for you in every situation

    There's an opportunity for you in all events of your life, negative as they may appear to be. Sometimes the opportunity lies in the physical world; sometimes there is an opportunity to learn something else about yourself and to grow.

    In fact, you can have fun discovering what's in it for you in any set of circumstances. How to keep a positive attitude depends largely on the point of view you choose to have on anything.

    I have found that most of the times the reason why we feel bad is because we try to make situations fit around our wants.

    However, when we let go off control we are able to see opportunities that we hadn't seen before.

    Looking for the opportunity in a negative situation can help you greatly to learn how to keep a positive attitude. You can in this way build a resilient positive attitude.

  4. Everything shall pass

    As the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. Everything eventually changes: the good moments that you have, but also, for your convenience, the bad moments too.

    You could remind yourself that everything shall pass whenever you experience difficulties. This can help to have peace of mind, to see the situation more clearly, and to develop patience.

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"Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit."

Norman Vincent Peale

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