by Tim

A wonderful site.

I do have an image, or rather two, that form one poster. I see it every day as a reminder. It was sent to me a few years ago by a friend. It's a bit old now, but I always keep it over my desk.

In the first panel, there is a photo of the lobby of a large city office building late at night. There are two men. One is a middle-aged corporate executive type, dressed to the nines, pinstriped suit, silver hair, fancy watch, mirror-shined shoes, silk tie, white shirt, carrying a briefcase, and a black overcoat. The other man is an elderly janitor bent over his mop, wiping his head, looking exhausted.

The executive is tall, distinguished and looks proud and the first suggestion is of the unfairness of life. However, if you look closely you can see that the executive is looking out of the corner of his eye at the janitor.

And then there is the second panel.

The janitor is now sitting, relaxing in a chair. The EXECUTIVE is now mopping the floor! Not only that, but he is barefoot, although still in his full suit and tie. The trousers of his suit cuffs are folded up neatly to his ankles.

There are all kinds of wonderful small details: the janitor is holding the executive's polished shoes in one hand and his socks in the other - and he is pointing to a spot on the floor with the executive's own socks. The executive is wiping his head just the way the janitor did, and his fancy haircut is messed up.

The janitor is now wearing the executive's overcoat. The briefcase is sitting next to the mop bucket. Again, if you look closely you can the exec's wristwatch on the floor.

At the bottom there is a quote from Scottish politician John Buchan: "Without humility there can be no humanity".

I love it. It encourages me and gives me perspective every day.

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Jul 16, 2011
Thank you for sharing
by: Cristina

Hi Tim - Thank you for your description of the poster over your desk. What sticks to me the most from your poster is to remember that we are all equal and there is no need to feel superior over another person. Thank you! :-)

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