I am grateful for so many things

by Lisa
(Akron, OH)

Many days I take for granted that my children are healthy and my husband and myself! Or that if we are hungry all we have to do is walk into the kitchen and eat!!

I am thankful that my dump of a basement has a washer and dryer and that I don't have to haul my family's clothes to the laundromat to keep clean! I am thankful that if I have to go somewhere I just hop in my car and go unlike so many I see carrying bags of groceries waiting for the bus...

AND as I write this, I can feel negativity creeping into my mind saying "Is this all there is to life?!?!" but yes I am thankful still... I wish I had lots of money in the bank and could buy all my heart desires or go on vacations or have a bigger nicer house... but even with all that, wouldn't I wish for something more?

Thank God, for all I have and all I don't!

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Dec 21, 2009
...and thankful for what we don't have :-)
by: Cristina

Lisa, thank you for that in a double way... for the reminder of all the little daily things that we get used to and thus take for granted, and for your last sentence: thankful for what we have and what we don't have - spot on!

Thank you!

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