I am so very and ultimately thankful

by Mari
(Miamibeach florida)

Hello. My name is Mari and I want to say the so many things that I am thankful of.

I am a mother of twins, boy and girl of four years old. They are a blessing in my life but it was extremely difficult raising them alone with no one's help. My mother was over seas and my husband worked until eight thirty at night daily including some weekends. For four years it was a full time demanding task and my babies were extremely demanding.

I started losing hope towards the end and stopped feeling joy and greatful of what I had. I'm so sorry to say but I felt like it was a punishment because I had no time to myself anymore to do the normal routinary things like sleeping after seven am, taking long showers and pampering myself, reading, watching a full length movie or going to a movie by myself or anything of the sort. I was a prisoner of my own home and became feeling very sad and lonely.

I asked the Lord please Lord I want to live again when they are four and start preschool, I asked him "I want to work again, I want a stay home nanny that will help me with the daily chores and responsibilities" but I never felt he was even listening.

To make the long story short, today I have a job as front desk attendant at a hotel, I have a nanny who lives with our family and helps me with everything and I have joy and a sense of freedom I thought I would never have right now.

I want to thank God with all of my heart in answering my prayer when I was in total desperation. I still feel, why did he answer me? But in my heart I know that it's because I'm his little girl and because I'm special and that's why he prized me with twin boy and girl and answered my wish.

To all of you out there that are afraid to pray and ask our God Almighty for anything, don't be afraid and have faith and hope always because things will get better and the way you need them to be to be happy.

Love to all and thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my gratitude.

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Sep 14, 2011
Thank you for sharing
by: Cristina

Hi Mari, thank you for sharing your story! I'm so glad your prayers got answered. I so agree with what you say regarding having faith and hope that things will get better - and in asking for what one wants, whether we call it God or Universe or Higher Power or whatever. We are loved! :-)

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