I am Thankful for life

by Sandra

I am truly thankful for being able to even write this message.

As I'm writing many challenging things are happening in the world: Japan has just been hit by a major tsunami and earthquake. And there are civil disturbances in many countries as well as in our local neighborhoods.

If only people would realize that what they want is right under their nose. It's called life.

No matter how bad things get people want love and to be loved. So many people become despondent because they don't recognize the immediacy of love and its worth. No-thing has more power, yet we keep searching for the "things" first.

You see, no one told them that the greatest love is living. Secondary to life we have the capacity to give love. We may not receive it when we want it or who we want it from, but we have plenty of love "to give" in this life. And when we give it nothing feels better.

I'm thankful that I have the power of perception to take in life's elements fully. I'm thankful that I have the power of consciousness to recognize what I'm doing with my perceptions.

I'm thankful for those mysterious things which take place, of which I have no control, which directs me, gives me intuition and guides me from beyond my senses.

I'm thankful for that which is in the universe which we call no-thing but yet it is full of everything.

No need to search anymore. It's all here. Here is where its at. Enjoy it while you can.

Thank you.

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Mar 15, 2011
Wonderful point of view
by: Cristina

Hi Sandra, I really love your contribution! Thank you for the reminder that what we're all looking for and wanting to enjoy is here, now: it's life itself. So true.

Thank you very much!

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