I'm Thankful That God Has Given Me Another Day

by DorothyAnne
(Rochester Ny)

I'm Thankful For So Many Things, He's Brought To My Attention That I'm A Sick Girl, Had A Lot Of Bruises On My Arms And He Gave Me Wonderful Doctors, That Have Found Out That I Have A Low Platelet Count And Now I'm Going In For A Bone Marrow Biopsy, To Find Out If I Have Cancer Of The Lymph Nodes Or Something Wrong With My Liver Or Spleen!

I'm Thankful. In This Bad Thing Happenin' To Me I Know God Is Doing It All For A Reason! Let It Be Love, Love For Everyone! Could It Be He's Teaching The Doctor's Something New! A New Appreciation For Life! I'm Thankful For Whatever God is Doing In My Life! I'm Not Sad And Resentful, I Have A Lot Of Good Things Going On In My Life Right Now! So I'm Not Sad! He's Givin Me A Loving And Accepting Heart And I'm Very Thankful God!

I Want To Thank You For Today, For Right Now, You Have Givin' Me Good Friends To Listen And Be There! You Have Given Me A Lot! God's Given Me Beautiful Places To Travel To, Like Niagara Falls! I Am So Thankful For Such A Beautiful Place, I Feel Your Lovin Presence Wherever I Go!

Kennebuckport Maine, Lancaster Pennsylvania, Orlando Florida, In Every Place I'm Thankful I Spent It With The People I Love The Most! You Never Know When Things Will Change So I'm Thankful For The Wonderful Memories Jesus! And Through July 30, I'll Be In Havin' My Bone Marrow, I Know You'll Be Right There By My Side, Loving And Comforting Me! Thank You For Never Leaving God!

PS If Anyone Has Any Words Of Comfort For Me Or Comments I'd Love To Hear Them... It'll Give Me A Reason To Smile DorothyAnne

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Jul 21, 2010
Life is great!
by: Anonymous

Your story is so inspiring, your positive outlook at things is wonderful! It brings joy to my life to see others embrace everything that is given to them. You will be great now and later continue to stay strong and positive because if you allow yourself to be happy and healthy thats what you will have. Bless you and everyone around you. I don't know you but with the words you spoke, I know you are a very great person to be around. Enjoy your life and I will keep you in my prayers :)

Jul 20, 2010
You're so having a positive attitude!
by: Cristina

Hi DorothyAnne, thank you for sharing your story! I find it so positive that you're going through that with strength and knowing it's all happening for a reason, and thankful for it all...

Only one thing comes to mind for me to say to you, which is add to all that you're doing focusing only on good health... Focus on all the things of your body that work well, expand your feeling of gratitude for good health. That can only but help ;-)

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