In Progress for Greatness

by Nicholas Cunningham
(Mt. Angel, OR, USA)

All star athlete through highschool i began to see a bright future ahead. College, beautiful girlfriend loving supportive family, till it started to fall apart little by little. I started to feel acceptance through bribery spending all my money on alcohol and marijuana. Age 20 i was addicted to Heroin, adderal, cocaine and alcohol. My life dramatically hit the ground harder than a piano falling 5 stories. 4 months into it i suddenly found hope through the fog and pain and fear i left and became sober for the next 3 years until meth had found its way into my life somehow. And the last 3 years have gone so fast and have been a struggle day and night. See, you could never tell i was ever into the drugs because i will force myself to go 5-10 days without it but then it wins. I cry night after night praying this will be the start to the sober life ive been searching for the past 10 years i hold a great career and amazing pay im smart funny family oriented but this demond wont free itself from me and has kept me from feeling happiness in a long time. I know this isnt what the post is supposed to be just needed to share that im still currently trying to find what everyone else has found. I am gonna post again when that goal is complete.

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Jul 06, 2019
You are a powerful human being NEW
by: Anonymous

I won't give you suggestions or teachings but just want to share something very powerful.

You are a part of divine source. Seek help from God and always visualize yourself happily sharing with your family and friends on how you are completely in control of your life and habits and are having a major breakthrough career and health.

Believe me it ought to work!

Jun 20, 2018
Thank you for sharing
by: Cristina

Nicholas, thank you for sharing your story - yours sounds like a hard journey. Please do post again as you make progress - we would all like to know that you're drug free and moving your life forward on to the direction of your choice. Best of luck!!

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