Where Can I Find More Information On A Positive Attitude?

Very good information on a positive attitude is at the reach of your hand

There exists quite a lot of good information regarding having a positive attitude and positive thinking in general. So where can you find it?

I have listed below a number of resources divided by categories, so you can choose the format in which you'd like to have the information you are interested in.

You will also find recommendations to subscribe to high quality newsletters, blogs and forums, to receive your daily amount of positive thinking.


There are several ways to find information on a positive attitude:

  • General information websites. Many websites offer valuable information on a positive attitude. You can do a search in Google for "positive attitude" or "positive thinking" to find the most relevant websites.

    You can also check the positive thinking information links page on this website.

  • Ebooks. You can find very interesting ebooks about how to keep a positive attitude through Bartleby, Project Gutenberg or Google Books. While most of the ebooks are free, some of them have restricted access and you can only read some parts.

    You can also visit the positive freebies page to grab free ebooks on positive thinking.

    If you are up for more advanced stuff, get a copy of my ebook 'Yes To Life'. For only $8 you'll get a variety of tips and advice on different topics, which will help you deal with the adversities of life and maintain a positive attitude.
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  • Newsletters. I'd strongly recommend you to subscribe to the Barefoot Doctor and the Thoughts from the Universe free newsletters. They offer daily bits of inspiration that help to keep a positive attitude.

    You can also subscribe to my free monthly newsletter, Dare To Play It Big, which will keep you inspired.

  • Articles. Thanks to resources like Ezine or eHow, you can browse through thousands of useful articles on a variety of topics, including mental health, positive thinking and how to keep a positive attitude.

  • Encyclopedias. There are several free encyclopedias over the Internet that offer good information on a positive attitude. The most popular one at the time of writing is Wikipedia, which is an open source encyclopedia with more than a million articles.
  • Printed books. There are many good books about the power of positive thinking and keeping a positive attitude.

    Empowering books on these topics are "Ask and it's given" by Abraham-Hicks, "Life's missing instruction manual" by Joe Vitale, or "Beyond positive thinking" by Dr Robert Anthony.

    You can read reviews for positive thinking books or search through Amazon for positive thinking books.

  • Forums. A forum is a really good way to share information on a positive attitude with other people interested in the same topic.

    Do a search in Google for "positive thinking forums" and browse around those ones that call your attention. I'd recommend you to sign up for the Thoughts from the Universe Forums, where you can discuss topics like positive thinking, motivation, inspiration and success.

  • Google alerts: get positive thinking information straight to your inbox. Go to Google alerts and sign up to receive information and news on any topics that you want.

    You can choose to receive emails daily, weekly or whenever the information is produced. Use commas to refine your search (for example, "positive attitude", or "motivation books").

  • Blogs. Search for positive thinking and positive attitude blogs, and subscribe to the RSS feed to receive updates any time that new information is uploaded. Have you visited The Benefits Of Positive Thinking blog yet?

All these are good quality resources that will help you to find more information on a positive attitude. You can also do a Google search for the type of information you are looking for using the search box below.

"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same."

Francesca Reigler

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