Last Positive Hope!

by Narin

I was tied by the Khmer Rouge soldier, during the period when my country was taken over by the Khmer Rouge Regime (Killing Field).

They tied me with another people with the small plastic string which they accused me of stealing from the potatoes at the plantation. Yes! That's right I stole it because I hadn't had food to eat for more than 5 days, how can I live without food?...

One man was killed by the small khmer rouge soldier with the knife... a moment later it'd be my turn... oh my God!

I was so scared that I couldn't pray or ask anybody to help me, but I only thought in positive that I would not die at that time.

"Stop killing him!" A voice loud enough to hear...

He is the khmer rouge soldier leader, also my uncle too.

I live until today with the positive thought all the time even when I meet a lot of negative stories in my life.

I still remember that "Every coins has two faces". Life too, Positive and Negative. Why don't we choose Positive Thinking instead of Negative.

When the gun was pointed to my head during that time, I still thought in Positive, "I will not die at this time".

Not 100 percent of the Positive Thinking lead my life till today, but I can say 95% of Positive Thinking helps me all the time.

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May 20, 2010
by: andrew

Hi Narin,
I really admire you courage,determination and power to think positive in such a difficult you have any tipps for how to reject a negative thought or turn it into a positive one?

Apr 22, 2010
very inspiring
by: Anonymous

awesome ,keep doing such good work

Oct 20, 2009
Moving story
by: Cristina

Narin, that's such a moving story - I cannot even imagine the tremendous anxiety that you surely experienced at that time... Thank you for sharing part of your life - you are inspiring!

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