Law of attraction in action through the distance

by LJ
(Seattle, WA)

I got to know Cristina and her web site by chance, when I was doing research for my children's book. I got great tips and tools from Cristina and I am thankful for that.

A few weeks later I was diagnosed with a dis-ease. I have been following LOA for years, read a lot from Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks and many others, yet nothing prepares you for the shocking news.

After the panic I sent a short note to Cristina letting her know about the news. She pointed me toward Louise Hay's work and I am very thankful for that. I have been working on that and I am sure my body is back on track to perfect health and Drs will soon need to agree. But that is not the point of this post (that is the point of my memoirs I am working on :-)).

Yesterday after scheduling surgery with my doctor I was a bit down, in a negative thought pattern. Panic coming back. I turned-on my iPhone and to my surprise I found a nice note from Cristina where she told me she was just listening to Hay House radio and heard about a woman that cured herself from a terrible dis-ease. That email from Cristina was very welcome and just what I needed to hear after getting out of the Dr office. I had a nice conversation with my wife last night telling her how Cristina seems to be around at critical times :-)

20 minutes ago I had some free time at work and remembered the email from Cristina, and wanted to try Hay House radio, so I googled "Hay House Radio"... the first result was not the link to the radio station... but an ad telling me Louise Hay was in my town (Seattle) and was delivering a workshop in 3 days... what a coincidence :-)

I called my wife, booked three tickets for the three of us and decided to write this note that hopefully will inspire others. Just a few days ago I thought it would be nice to meet Louise and Greg and other great authors that joined her in her movie. The universe delivered it to me in the most unexpected way, through connection with a dear friend in another continent and that I have never met in person.

What a wonderful journey.


PS: I am a retired exec from a fortune 500 company and worked the last few years on online ad technologies. Today I advise executives on how to better use online ad technologies that are not disruptive, because I always believe advertising is good as an information mechanism... that Ad in google today proves my point. The Universe likes to use any mechanism. Either old-fashioned-magical-grandiose miracles or digital technologies :-)... Cheers!

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Oct 02, 2009
Great synchronicities
by: Cristina

Hey Luis, SO happy to hear that my emails to you came through just at the right time; and I'm in awe of the synchronicity of the ad for Louise Hay in your city... as I type, I feel shivers on my spine, as I fully believe that you're meant to go to that workshop and I can appreciate the beauty of how you've come to know about it. Now what a great synchronicity!

Do let us know how did the workshop go - perhaps you may want to submit it as an article, or as a story, or simply contact me and let me know and we'll figure a way to have it published, if you like.

Thank you very much for sharing your story - I so appreciate knowing how you keep on doing.

Sending positive and healthy vibes for you right this moment! :-)

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