What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. You may also see it written as LOA.

This concept is not new, but it became very popular with the release of the 2006 movie The Secret. Some critics to the movie stated that it explained the LOA poorly because it's not simply a case of "If I think myself wealthy I will be wealthy". Or is it?

How does the LOA work?

Our universe as we know it is made of vibration. Matter is made up of particles vibrating at a certain frequency, and so are we. Our particular vibration changes depending on how we feel.

Our thoughts generate different feelings - i.e. a thought of "I don't have enough money" generates a different feeling than a thought of "I have enough money".

When we hold a specific feeling we vibrate at a certain frequency, and the law of attraction works in matching what appears in our reality with the same type of vibration.

Translated into our physical experience, this means that when we feel abundant we are attracting those people, circumstances, and events which match that same feeling of abundance.

We are literally creating our future at every moment - we will get to experience that which matches the vibration that we offer in the present.

Is the law of attraction that simple?

In a way, yes, it is. However, there are a few other key elements that we need to understand when we want to use the law of attraction consciously to manifest what we want to experience in life.

  • Grab the right end of the stick. Abraham-Hicks explain that every subject is really two subjects: the subject itself, and the absence of it. For instance, if we take the subject of money, we can feel that we have money (abundance) or that we don't have money (scarcity).

    Abraham-Hicks explain that the law of attraction works matching the vibration that we offer, more than matching the thought itself - so it comes down to how you feel about a subject, more than about holding a specific thought.

    For example: let's say that I want to experience having more money. The thought "I am a millionaire" will probably not serve me, because when I think that thought I feel a discrepancy between where I am and being a millionaire; I feel a certain resistance, an 'untruthfulness', a feeling of unease.

    However, if I think the thought "I have money to buy food daily" I can not only see how this is true, but I also experience a feeling of ease, of abundance, of 'trueness'. I can feel myself abundant more easily with this thought than with the thought "I am a millionaire".

    Abraham-Hicks explain that it is a matter of bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be by choosing thoughts that make you feel like the feeling that you want to experience in the future.
  • The buffer of time. There is a certain buffer of time between your feeling good about a subject and its manifesting in your physical reality.

    From my personal experience, the buffer of time depends on how much resistance we offer in regards to the subject of choice. In other words, the more we feel that a certain reality is possible, the quicker it will manifest.

    For example, it took me very little time to manifest my bean bag, but it took me much longer to experience more abundance of money - because I believed that a bean bag was somehow easy for me to get, while my beliefs about money since I was a child told me that 'money doesn't come easy'.

  • Letting go. Letting go is a key element to allow what you want to come into your experience, because it is easy to fall into grabbing the scarcity end of the stick when you focus on something that you want but you are aware that you don't have it yet.

    For instance, let's say that you spend some time daily focusing on having better health. You feel good visualizing yourself with better health, and you consciously spend a few moments feeling good when you notice the aspects of you where you do have good health.

    However, you may grow impatient and want to see results quickly, so you flip on to the side of "I don't have complete good health yet", and thus you reinforce the vibration of scarcity instead of the vibration of abundance of health.

    It is important that you let go of the results and trust the process. As long as you keep on offering the vibration of what you do want, it will manifest in due time. Relax and let go of the timing in which what you want will happen.

How can you use the LOA?

We are actually using the law of attraction all the time, through the thoughts we have and the feelings that the thoughts generate. However, we can use the law of attraction consciously to manifest that which we want to experience.

For a start, you can aim to keep a positive mindset as much time as possible. The feelings that you offer in the present moment translate as vibrations, which attract those circumstances that will generate the same feelings at some point in the future.

It makes sense that if you want to experience love in the future, you do your best for focusing on thoughts that make you feel love now.

You can also choose to spend a few minutes daily doing things like visualizing, meditating, expressing gratitude, or creating a vision board. All these activities will help you to spend time offering a vibration of feeling good about what you want, thus bringing you closer to actually experiencing what you want.

We can see the law of attraction at work in coincidences and synchronicities, like in the case of Maria and the banana...

When I was in my twenties I worked for an important British organization. This organization received external visitors daily, for whom catering was provided.

There were always food leftovers from the catering, which we were allowed to take. One day, about midday, I took a banana from the leftovers and I kept it to eat it later.

The day went on and I didn't eat the banana. Rather than let it go to waste, I left it on my desk at the end of the day with a note, "Help yourself", thinking that maybe a colleague passing by or the cleaners would want to have it.

A few minutes later, when I was on my way out, a colleague called Maria came up to me and told me how the whole day she had been wanting to eat a banana, and then she passed by my desk and then saw the banana with the note.

She felt that it was like a gift from the universe to her; she couldn't be more surprised and pleased about this 'coincidence'.

The law of attraction is a very interesting subject, however it may take you a little time to get the hang of it and use it in your own life successfully.

I recommend any of the Abraham-Hicks books to understand the law of attraction better and to find techniques to get what you want - for instance, the book 'Ask and it is given' is a great first step towards using the LOA consciously.

Here's the one thing that you can do to ensure that you keep attracting what you want: keep in a positive state as much time as you can.

You can make use of my ebook Yes To Life to help you remain positive and to deal successfully with the challenges that may come - buy it now for just $8 and start feeling good within minutes!

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May you keep feeling good, so that you get to experience more of what makes you feel good ;)

"Whatever we think about and thank about, we bring about."

John Demartini

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