Why Let Go?

Let go to find peace

Sometimes the mind doesn't serve us to gain internal peace. Our problem or situation may feel too complicated or overwhelming, like trying to cope when someone close to you dies.

At those times, changing our thoughts and trying to focus on the positive may just not work. However, where the mind doesn't cut it, letting go always works to regain peace.

So what exactly is letting go?

Letting go means to accept that you cannot sort your problem or situation through your mind. It is equal to relinquishing all thoughts and wants to change anything; it is the same as surrendering.

For some people letting go means 'to put it in the hands of God', or 'to give it over to the Higher Power in our lives'.

Most of us only arrive at letting go fully when we have gone through some sort of situation which feels overwhelming, and we have come to realize that no action or thought from our side will change how we feel.

Then, when we feel that we don't have any more resources, we surrender and finally find peace inside.

How do you let go?

All it takes to let it go is just a decision. Sometimes this decision is forced by the circumstances that you experience, when these are too painful to bear.

You can perform a ritual of your own invention if that helps you. For instance, I wrote the following piece after I went through a painful experience, and I read it aloud as a prayer:

I surrender, because I'm hurting

I surrender, because I don't know better

I surrender, because I don't know what else to do

I surrender, because I don't know any more

I surrender, because my way is not working

I surrender, because my way is killing me

I surrender, because I need guidance

I surrender, because I need help

I surrender, because I want love

I surrender, because I want to live in accordance with my highest purpose

I surrender, because I want peace

I surrender, because I've tried it all and nothing brought me permanent peace

I surrender, because it's my last resource

After I finished reading this piece I felt a great peace and I was able to move on, leaving the painful experience behind.

Why is letting go so powerful?

Letting go is powerful to regain peace because it feels freeing and liberating. When you surrender you don't have to strain any more to sort things out or to even find a mental construct to make you feel at ease.

Interestingly, the problematic circumstances that you experience start to sort themselves out when you fully surrender and relax.

The moment that you stop resisting and accept that you cannot effect change is the moment that things actually start to change. Find here some affirmations to let go.

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"You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles."

C JoyBell C

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