'Lifes Missing Instruction Manual' By Joe Vitale

The subtitle of 'Lifes missing instruction manual" is "The guidebook you should have been given at birth".

I agree.

This book is also the book through which I first came in contact with positive thinking and with the idea of using our thoughts to achieve what we want.

A treasure

'Lifes missing instruction manual' is a miscellaneous of advice to improve your well-being and your life in general.

This is a extremely useful book with practical advice that works. You will also find in it several articles from other authors.

'Life's missing instruction manual' is easy to read, specially because it is structured in small blocks that can be read independently from the rest of the book. 

You will find excellent tips on how to end an argument, how to deal with an enemy, how to make a decision and even how to get a job, among loads of other varied information.

Not only does Joe Vitale explain the relationship between feelings and thoughts very clearly, but he also explains how to use your thoughts to achieve what you want.

Joe Vitale says about negative thoughts: "You can't stop your thoughts but you don't have to listen to them, either".

Other gems

This is some of the practical advice you can find in 'Life's missing instruction manual'.

  • What you fear may contain what you seek

  • Three secrets to manage your time

  • You can have whatever you want as long as you don't want it

  • Illness is a call from your body

  • All time happens now

  • A new way to easily achieve your goals

'Lifes missing instruction manual' has also good information on how to deal with people.

Joe Vitale outlines what people want and how they behave, and he makes a point of helping other people if we are to get what we want.

'Life's missing instruction manual' is the perfect compilation to get started on using the power of your mind - a neat guide to creating the life you want.

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"If you don’t go for your dreams, who will?"

Joe Vitale

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