'Love Is Letting Go Of Fear' By Gerald Jampolsky

The core message of 'Love is letting go of fear' could be easily expressed through The Beatles' song, "All you need is love".

However, there is much more to this easy-to-read book: it contains practical lessons to live by which will bring peace to your life.

This little book is divided in three parts. The last one consists of "Lessons for personal transformation".

Every chapter of the book opens with an affirmation that sums up the content of that chapter.

You will find powerful messages like "All fear is past and only Love is here", or "I see all things as I would have them be".

Through 'Love is letting go of fear' Gerald Jampolsky explains the importance of forgiveness, how the past is over, and that the present is the only time that exists.

This book also gave me one more key to understand myself and others with the explanation of attack and defense: "Attacking always stems from fear and guilt. No one attacks unless he first feels threatened and believes that through attack he can demonstrate his own strength, at the expense of another's vulnerability".

'Love is letting go of fear' reminds us that we can choose how to look at reality, and that we do have the power to change our thoughts. Some of the lessons are "I am determined to see things differently", "I could see peace instead of this", and "I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt".

This is a neat little book which brought light into my life. I copied the affirmations from the chapters on a card which I carried with me for some time, to remind me of these simple yet powerful lessons to live in peace.

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"Teach only Love for that is what you are."

Gerald Jampolsky

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