Are You Maintaining A Positive Attitude?

Grab here some tips for maintaining a positive attitude

There are many times in our lives (there are many times daily!) that keeping a positive attitude is not easy - or we may not even feel like doing it.

Think of those times when someone upsets you and you feel anger; or when you are busy with a project and you feel discouraged because you haven't seen results in a while.

These situations and many more bring up negative feelings easily. We then spend time feeling bad and thinking about what made us feel bad, which only amplifies how bad we feel.

This is specially true if you feel that someone has wronged you, for example, and you feel that you deserve an apology or that the other person is somehow punished.

Get out of the circle!

Focusing on negative feelings only creates a circle, in which the more you think about what made you feel bad, and the more you feel negative, the more it looks like that is the only version of the story and the reality of the matter, and thus you feel (justly) negative.

Not helpful for maintaining a positive attitude!

The fact is that you can take a step out of the circle, leave aside the negative feelings, by choosing to focus on something that makes you feel good.

The following tips for maintaining a positive attitude could help you to do just that.

You may be able to apply only one or maybe many of these tips to your current situation or problem. More important is that you find your own particular ways to coming back to feeling good.

Five tips for maintaining a positive attitude

Use these tips to help you keep a positive attitude when circumstances around you make you feel negative. Don't let discouragement, anger or sadness trap you anymore!

  • Do something pleasant for yourself: take a bath, take a walk on your own, spend an afternoon doing something that you enjoy (reading, painting, playing guitar, cooking, gardening...).

    By focusing on yourself and taking some time just for you, you put your negative circumstances and feelings aside for a while.

    When you are "back", it will feel easier to deal with them, as you'll do it from a state of calm.

  • Appreciate what you do have: it's not a matter of comparing, but there are many people in worst situations than you right now. This story went, "I complained that I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet".

    Notice that you receive things, people, and experiences into your life that other people have no access to, for different reasons. Feel grateful for what you do have. Gratitude really is key to maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Turn your attention outwards: give time, love, or attention to somebody else. You could give a hand to a friend or spend an afternoon helping out at a charity shop, for example.

    At times we think that our problems are really huge when they are not so, and it's all a matter of perspective. Getting out of your own reality will help you to put things into perspective and deal with them better afterwards.

  • Don't look at results, but think of a process: this is specially relevant if you're discouraged about a project, whether personal or work-related, because we tend to focus on results.

    Remember that the no-results state is temporary. Think about what you are doing as a process.

    Acknowledge that there is a need for that process, which will take whatever time it needs to take, and that it is not for you to determine.

    Your only duty is doing the process well, so that it brings you the results you want. See it this way and you will find it easier to keep on maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Trust that everything will be all right: when everything else seems to fail, having faith is a good last resort (and it works).

    Let go off fear and just trust. I read once the story of a man, hanging from a cliff, who shouts "Is there anybody up there that can help me?", and he hears a voice: "This is God, trust and let go". The man shouts again: "Is there anybody else up there that can help me?"

    Whether you believe in God or no God or whatever, trusting that everything will be all right is a good exercise for your soul. Feel the calm that invades you when you choose to trust.

Maintaining a positive attitude makes a good starting point to enjoy a great life.

"Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all."


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