A Simple Guide To Making Good Habits

You can easily start making good habits and stopping bad ones.

According to researches, a new habit can be implemented in just 21 days; 30 days is a normal mark to definitely establish a new habit.

A key for making good habits

The key to succeed in making good habits is having persistence.

Most people do not create a good habit or stop a bad one because they are not persistent, and they give up when they could continue and succeed, like what normally happens with New Year's resolutions.

The only thing that keeps you from achieving your goals is giving up before you get there.

Four main areas

There are four main areas of your life in which you can start creating positive habits:

  1. Physical. Many people want to stop smoking and keep a good health, or loose weight, or become more fit.

  2. Mental. You could choose to gain clarity of mind, get rid of negative thought patterns, or cultivate self-confidence.

  3. Social. You could seek to maintain friendships, be a loving partner, or spend time with your family more often.

  4. Spiritual. You could choose to become more calm and accepting of everyday circumstances, discover a true spiritual connection with everything, or find your center of peace.

Hot points for creating good habits

The following points can help you organize yourself and be ready to start making good habits:

  • Determination. Your will to succeed makes a large difference in order to achieve a goal. Do not "try"; go for it!

  • Have a specific goal. If you want to loose weight, determine how much and by when. If you want to become fit, specify what "fit" means for you: being able to run a mile? Being able to swim a kilometer?

  • Have some sort of accountability. You can evaluate how you are doing every five days, for instance; find out whether you are reaching your target, and adjust the timeframe as necessary.

  • Keep your motivation. You could create a visual board with pictures of what you want to achieve, or maintain regular conversations with people who are themselves motivated.

  • Reward yourself. Acknowledge the good job you are doing by rewarding yourself every now and then.

There is an excellent technique to achieve goals and create positive habits easily: through the well-defined SMART goals.

Follow the link to discover what SMART goals can do for you. For best results, couple your SMART goals with a 30-day plan to achieve them.

You are a strong person and you can start making positive habits the minute you decide so. Your success is in your own hands!

"All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience."

Henry Miller

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