Welcome Abundance With These Money Affirmations

May you start receiving buckets of money with these money affirmations

At the time of writing (mid 2012) we use money as a means of exchange. Most Western economies have experienced problems in the past few years, and this has affected people, who for the majority have been finding it harder to make ends meet.

It's then no surprise that one of the things that most of us often say we want is more money.

However, most of the times it's not really money that we want, but a feeling or an experience.

For instance... with more money you could go on vacation with your partner or your friends to some exotic island, where you can just lie around, enjoy their company and have no worries in a beautiful place.

If you look closely, money is not what you want in the above scenario. What you want is to enjoy good company, feel free of worries and see new beautiful places.

The good news is that often you can already have what you want, in one shape or another, without needing money to make it happen.

Before you grab the money affirmations below I invite you to give thought to what you want money for. Then, think about what you can already do to obtain that feeling or that experience without having to wait to have more money.

Quite interestingly, when you find other ways to experience now the feelings that you want, you will see your life greatly enhanced - while still attracting money!

Still, it is nice to actually have more money and be able to let go off some worries caused by the lack of money. Affirmations are useful to keep a positive frame of mind in regards to money, so let's get going!

Find some money affirmations below and start welcoming abundance in your life...

I participate of the flow of money

I am now open to receive all the money I need to pay all my debts

I am thrilled to see money coming into my life

It is easy for me to spend money wisely

I now choose to become a money magnet

Money exists for my convenience and benefit

I rejoice in the abundance of money of other people

I choose to believe that there is enough money for everybody

I am grateful that I always have all the money I need

The world benefits from my use of money

The amount of money I have increases daily

I handle money with love

I now release my limiting beliefs about money

I deserve to have money

I am comfortable dealing with large amounts of money

I allow myself to enjoy the money I have

I love sharing my wealth

"Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go."

Mother Theresa

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