by Patricia
(Chicago, Il )

On september 19, 2007, my mom suffered a stroke. We were lucky to notice it before it was to late, thanks to my great nephew for noticing the change in her speech, and he told his mom, who called 911. Although when they arrived my mom didn't want to go with them, and they said we couldn't make her go.

I was then called on my way home from work upon hearing this; I quickly called my sister, the nurse told her what had happen, and to meet me at mom's. When she arrived immediately again 911 was called a second time; by now I had made it she still did not want to go; we told them this time she was going.

We were able to get the ambulance to take her to rush medical center, where right away they started a treatment to dissolve the blood clot in her brain.

Everything seemed to be going okay, then she started to have heavy bleeding from her vagina; my mom is 72yrs old no more menstrual, so what's going on, the doctors were baffled.

Now we are in ICU, and she has another stroke; this time the left side is totally affected: lips twisted, speech slured, could not raise her left arm. Now a decision has to be made for the doctors to try and dissolve the bloodclot by going in through her groin area with a scope to the brain to try and dissolve it, but the window had expired so the bloodclot remained.

Amazing when she came back from the ICU unit she was better than when she went up. Doctors didn't know what to say; her lips had straighted, she was able to move her arm up and down, her speech was better. I asked the doctors what happened; they didn't know; God is good, and he is worthy to be praised. The bleeding turned out to be uterus cancer, we're going through that now.

That is what I'm most thankful for: MY MOM. I LOVE MY MOM. I pray each and every for her, and yes, MY GOD does answer prayers.

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Sep 16, 2008
My Mom
by: Kerryann

Hello Patricia

Your experience has touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you for reminding me that things does not always need an explanation and also that a little fate can give us an amazing result in everything that we do no matter how difficult and overwhelming sitautions can bring our way.

I pray that your family will continue to be blessed.

Stay positive, keep the fate and continue to reap the good that comes your way.


Sep 16, 2008
Our moms
by: Cristina

Dear Patricia, thank you for sharing your appreciation for your mom and such beautiful feelings. I wish all the best to you and your mom, and that you can both enjoy together many times to come.

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