My own way to finding a positive attitude

by Tx Gue
(Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

I used to be a negative person, I made a decision to change because it is affecting me to grow as a person and stopped me from living a fuller life. I would not say that I had a very positive attitude now, I say I hold on to a fighting to be positive attitude with the believe that I would reach stable positivity one day and have resiliency.

This is some of my routine of keeping a positive attitude:

1.Writing a gratitude journal everyday, it let me feel blessed everyday with the thing I had in life. I wrote 5 things I am grateful for everyday!

2.Exercising, exercising builds my confidence as I feel I am more healthy and had more energy and strength to deal with things, it also lower stresses, I do it daily.

3.Checking my attitude once, twice a day! If my attitude is negative I would engage in negative self talk and encourage myself to feel better/positive.

4.Every morning I would affirm myself that today is going to be good/great day, by finding two positive and strong reasons to start the day.

5.End of day journaling, it helps me keep check of what I should do and reminds me of what I ought to do tomorrow and look forward to... (I always try to keep it positive).

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Jun 21, 2015
Great list!
by: Cristina

Tx Gue, that's a neat list, one that allows you to take little steps and make a difference to your own attitude in the long run... Thanks for sharing!

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