Are You Open To Receive Abundance?

Being open to receive is the last necessary step for you to experience whatever it is you have asked for.

You see, it really feels good to use tools like positive thinking, visualization or affirmations to ask for what we want.

It feels good to imagine or pretend that we already have what we want - more money, more time, more health, more love... and it feels even better to know that, as we ask, it is given.

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Now, there is one key step that needs to happen so that you can actually get to see manifested that which you have asked for - and that is being open to receive.

"Of course", you'd say. Yet if you stop and observe, you'll soon discover that most of us are not that good at receiving.

The stoppers

These are some of the factors that stop us from being open to receive:

  • We live in a culture that calls us to 'make it happen', to 'go out and get it' through 'effort' and 'hard work'. There's a lot of pushing in this: it's the idea that you can only get what you want if you take action towards it.

    While you do need to take action, 'pushing' does not leave room for the concept of receiving.

  • Thoughts and emotional issues that we may have as a result of our particular life journey: feeling that we don't deserve what we have asked for, fear of success, thinking that things are 'too good to be true'...

    These underlying thoughts and emotions can show up in the form of obstacles to getting what we want.

  • Being open to receive implies that we become vulnerable - and that is scary for most of us, because we are used to living with a sort of 'wall' or 'mask' behind which we hide for fear of being hurt if we let our real selves show.

How to be open to receive

The energy contained in receiving equals that of pulling, accepting, welcoming, allowing in, and trusting. It has also been described as 'yin' and 'feminine' energy.

An internal change in our state is all that happens when we allow ourselves to receive. Instead of feeling like we have to push and get things done, we relax, let go, and trust that what we want is coming towards us at the right speed, always.

I feel that the teachings of Abraham-Hicks in "Ask and it is given" explain the step of receiving perfectly. Abraham-Hicks explain that the basis of our universe is well-being, and either we're allowing well-being or we're blocking it.

All we need to do to allow well-being in is to relax. Quite interestingly, whenever I noticed that I was pushing 'too hard' to get something and I instead relaxed in the trust that it would come, it did come and in a way better than I had envisioned.

You can practice being open to receive with small things, such as receiving compliments, accepting help from others, picking up a coin you find, or enjoying a wave of positive events in your life.

Lastly, if you feel that you're meant to give something in exchange for receiving so many good things, you can always give thanks. Truly, that's all that's needed ;-)

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"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."

Wayne Dyer

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