Pay It Forward!

To pay it forward is a beautiful way to live.

Paying it forward means that you first help others as you can with what they need, and you trust that you will be helped as well whenever you need help.

You may not get anything out of the transaction there and then, but that doesn't matter. It will come back to you. Trust me ;)

This is just the law of attraction in action: you give out good vibes when you help other people, so good vibes return to you, whether immediately or at some point in the future, whether in the same form or in a different one.

Paying it forward is very easy to do, and you can do it daily.

For instance, I like stopping and offer help to tourists checking a map in the middle of the street. It takes me only a couple of minutes, yet it is very helpful to them.

I invite you here to pay it forward with my website.

I have put a lot of time and effort in making The Benefits Of Positive Thinking a pleasant site, full of good content - ideas, tips, links, all designed to help you in your path to renew yourself and find a more fulfilling and happy way to live.

If this website has inspired you, or if you have found something of value in it, here are a few ways in which you can pay it forward:

  • Use the "Share this page" buttons which you can find at the bottom of each page: these allow you to share a page on Facebook, on Twitter, or through Stumbleupon, among others.

  • Link to this website. You could link to the home page or to any specific page you like. We could also exchange links, if your site is relevant to this website. To request a link exchange, contact me through this form.

  • Sign up for the free monthly newsletter Dare To Play It Big. Each issue of the monthly positive newsletter contains interesting content to leave you looking at life with new eyes.

  • Purchase one of the products I have reviewed for you and which you can find on the Positive Programs page.

    When you purchase one of these products, I earn a small commission. The commissions help me keep the site up by paying for hosting and related software.

    They also help me to buy other positive thinking products which I then use and review for you. I have personally used all the products I write about, so that you can make up your own mind of whether a product would be useful to you based on my first-hand experience.

  • Contribute with positive thinking articles and positive stories. Submit your original articles and stories and be part of The Benefits Of Positive Thinking community!

  • Donate any amount of money you choose through PayPal, using the "Donate" button just below. After you donate, you have the option of entering your snail mail address (your physical address), but it is not compulsory. I appreciate any amount of money you donate.

Whichever way you choose to pay it forward, I thank you in advance. I appreciate your presence reading these lines.

Thank you very much - Love and Light to You.


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