Would A Poem About Positive Attitude Help You?

Let a poem about positive attitude uplift you

Many times we don't need a big ka-boom to pick ourselves up and maintain a positive attitude.

Sometimes we only need a little push.

Bring positive literature into your life by choosing one of these poems to keep you inspired today.

The following are excerpts of positive poems. Let a poem about positive attitude from these authors be your little push.

Grab your poem to keep a positive attitude now!

Choose your poem about positive attitude

Live purely. Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out
from behind the clouds!



Fate used me meanly; but I looked at her and laughed,
That none might know how bitter was the cup I quaffed.
Along came Joy, and paused beside me where I sat,
Saying, 'I came to see what you were laughing at.'

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

If there is righteousness in the heart
There will be beauty in the character;
If there is beauty in the character
There will be harmony in the home;
When there is harmony in the home
There will be order in the nation;
When there is order in the nation
There will be peace in the world.

Sai Baba

Laughing song

When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy,
And the dimpling stream runs laughing by;
When the air does laugh with our merry wit,
And the green hill laughs with the noise of it;

When the meadows laugh with lively green,
And the grasshopper laughs in the merry scene,
When Mary and Susan and Emily
With their sweet round mouths sing "Ha, ha he!"

When the painted birds laugh in the shade,
Where our table with cherries and nuts is spread:
Come live, and be merry, and join with me,
To sing the sweet chorus of "Ha, ha, he!"

William Blake


If I can keep my eyes focused on what's ahead,
And allow what's behind me to simply be dead –
Then I will make it.

If I can keep a firm grip on the present elements in my hand,
And wisely position my feet so that I always stand –
Then I will make it.

If I can accept that rocky ground and steep climbs
Are necessary obstacles to be conquered with patience and time -
Then I will make it.

If I can muster my strength to keep pressing on,
Especially in times when it seems I'm being baked by the sun –
Then I will make it.

If I can learn to crucify my pride,
By praying for strength and allowing my friends to stand at my side –
Then I will make it.

If I can fully embrace the good that's inside,
Relinquishing fear, doubt, and shame, so it can shine –
Then I will make it.

If I can do all of these things one day at a time,
Knowing that I'm not perfect, and that being fine –
Then I will make it.

Malcolm O. Varner

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"Positive anything is better than negative nothing."

Elbert Hubbard

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