Positive I Statements To Pamper Your Soul

These positive I statements can only but do good to you.

As all self affirmation statements, positive I statements promote your sense of self, your self-esteem, and they help you to feel good about yourself.

You see, the one issue that we all seem to have is that we just don't feel good about ourselves.

There is always one thing or another - the body, the job, the partner, the money...

When you find a problem with a certain area of your life you are in a way finding a problem with yourself.

You may tell yourself, perhaps subconsciously, that you're just not good enough. Your body is not good enough, you don't have the ability to make more money, you may feel like you are the reason of the problems with your partner...

Yet the moment that you start making peace and friendship with yourself, life starts changing for the better. Once you change inside, the outside changes too.

In 'You can heal your life' Louise Hay explains how it all comes down to loving ourselves.

She explains that when we truly love ourselves our lives start working magically. I must say - this seems to be my experience too!

Use the personal statements below to find yourself more at home within yourself. Turn up the volume of your self-love!

Positive I statements 

Every day in every way I am getting better, and better, and better

I am important and I contribute positively to mankind

I always come across the information I need at the right time

I lead a happy and purposeful existence

I find easy ways to accomplish what I want to do

I grow wiser every day

I trust myself

I know that I can achieve my goals

I am always filled with energy to accomplish anything I want

All my past successes support me in thinking I am a successful person

I surround myself all the time with positive people and positive information

I am grateful for all my life and all my abilities now

I attract abundance and blessings that benefit me and other people

I deserve to lead a wonderful and prosperous life

I am complete health

I am fully confident in my abilities

I respect myself and I act with integrity

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

Oscar Wilde

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