Having A Positive Attitude Is Seeing The Glass Half Full

Find out how a positive attitude is seeing the glass half full

Keeping a positive attitude is relatively easy when things go well, but...

...How about when life doesn't smile to us? How can you have a positive attitude then?

Having A Positive Attitude Is Seeing The Glass Half Full

Problems, anxiety, difficult circumstances, negative thoughts: it all exists up to the measure that we decide.

You cannot stop something from happening, but you can choose how to deal with any situation.

As Michael Anthony, author of 'How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing the World', states:

"You can transform your negative emotions into positive ones by creating a mind set that your glass is always half full. You don't want to go through life with a glass that is half empty. The liquid is in the middle of the glass, but there can be two different emotions to the same fact."

You always get the best out of it

A positive attitude is seeing the glass half full because even when you have experienced a problem or a situation that felt bad, you can still look at it with positive eyes:

  • What is life telling you? What lesson can you learn from a bad experience? If there was a reason for that experience to have happened, what could that be?

  • How can you transform a bad situation into an opportunity to grow? What could you do better next time, if the same situation happened again?

  • You've made it! Whatever you've gone through, however difficult it has been, you've made it through and you can only but grow stronger from it. Congratulations!

  • If, on top of this, you keep an attitude of gratitude, you'll be advancing in quantum leaps.

Your life is a magnificent piece of art. You can do whatever you want with it. You can let yourself shine.

You can choose to make your life painful and miserable, and see the glass half empty for as long as you like - until you realize that only you can choose how you see the world.

On the other hand, you can choose to live in a blissful state, understanding that keeping a positive attitude will be more advantageous than keeping a negative one.

You know it... You've got the power! ;)

"Your life is your most important palette. Love it."

Deb, blissmonger.com

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