How To Create Positive Finances?

Use positive thinking to create positive finances

Money represents, as Robert Anton Wilson put it, our current "bio-survival tickets".

At the time of writing, having a more or less comfortable life depends largely on money.

In this page I will tell you my own approach to money using positive thinking. However, I am not a financial expert, and I would advise you to check with one if you are at all unsure about how to manage your finances.

Over the years not only have I seen more money coming my way, but also (and for me, most importantly) I have let go off worries about money.

Before I go on to sharing how I use positive thinking to create positive finances, let me tell you a bit of my own experience with money...

I grew up in a family where money was considered a scarcity and treated with care. My parents were both born just after the Spanish Civil War, so they were raised at a time where there was a scarcity of almost everything.

As a kid I would hear things like "Money doesn't grow on trees", or "Do you think I'm the bank?"

I unknowingly carried my beliefs in scarcity into adulthood. Just like my parents, I would worry a lot about money whether I had it or not, up to the point that once I developed intense shoulder pain as a symbol of the lack of money being "a weight on my shoulders".

I never had too much money, and my underlying belief was that money was difficult to get. Overall, worry and anxiety were the feelings I experienced when it came down to money.

I moved to London in my early twenties, where I met a man. At the beginning of our relationship, I observed that I used to worry a lot about money, while he didn't seem as worried.

One day, talking about the subject, he explained that he didn't worry about money because, he said, "Money always comes when I need it".

I then started to observe that this belief was true for him: money came always when he needed it, sometimes from unexpected sources, and always without fail.

I said to myself, "I've been worrying about money all my life and it hasn't gotten me to any better place. I might as well not worry about money, see what happens."

I also reasoned that, if in fact I was to ever be in a difficult situation in the future because of money, then I gained nothing by worrying about it in the present.

So from then on I chose to believe that there is an abundance of money, that money comes whenever I need it, that it is just a means and that it must flow so that it can be used.

Furthermore I started to tell myself "Money comes to me constantly" and other positive affirmations about money.

Since I took the decision of never allowing the subject of money to worry me, a weight has was lifted off my shoulders.

I can say that the subject of money doesn't give me sleepless nights or knots in my stomach anymore. I have made it just fine, and I know I will make it fine whatever happens.

I have set myself for positive finances. Money does keep coming my way, and the more I keep on doing my bit for making and circulating money, the more of it comes into my life, which I use for even greater purposes.

Understand me though, not allowing the subject of money to worry you does not mean that you become completely irresponsible with your money.

I still manage my money, I use it wisely and plan for the future, but I'm not worried about it anymore.

Positive thinking for positive finances

Here are some starting points to help you shift your relationship with money:

  • Look at your beliefs. There are two main groups of thoughts when it comes down to money: those that give you a feeling of scarcity, and those that give you a feeling of abundance.

    Most of us come from a predetermined belief in scarcity of money through our family and the way in which we grew up.

    Since our beliefs shape our thoughts, it is well worth spending some time exploring the beliefs that you have about money.

    Do you think that money "is hard to come by"? What memories from childhood do you have in relation to money? Have you experienced a very stressful situation regarding money which may have created a permanent belief in scarcity?

    Once you identify the beliefs that you have about money that do not serve you, you are free to choose different beliefs.

    We truly do create our reality through our thoughts and our beliefs, so why not choose now a belief about money that makes you feel good?

  • Choose your attitude. I used to think that money was difficult to come by, and everything in my attitude towards money showed that.

    However, I couldn't help noticing that the law of attraction also applies to money, and thus I experienced what I believed.

    As I started to have a positive attitude towards money, I observed that money would come to me more easily.

    You not only demonstrate your attitude towards money through your actions and beliefs, but also through your words.

    Become aware of the words that you use regarding money. Do you tend to say that money is difficult to get? Do you define yourself as "broke"? Do you say that you never have enough money?

    You can have fun with choosing your words about money. For instance, whenever I buy anything, when the cashier tells me how much it is I say to myself, "Only that?"

    You can also use positive affirmations to help you change your attitude about money and start enjoying positive finances.

    Find here wealth affirmations, money affirmations and abundance affirmations.
  • Money flows. Consider money simply as a tool to make things happen. Keeping money in the bank may give you a sense of security and it is practical; and you also want to help money flow.

    Thus you earn money and spend it wisely, contributing to keeping money flowing.

    I believe in the principle of money flowing to create positive finances. Think of money as a kind of energy, which can be applied to anything to create something else and to make things happen.

    I once got the quickest experience about money flowing: I was about to go into the underground, and I found a £1 coin on the floor. I picked it up, I went down to the trains, and there was a busker - to whom I gave the coin I had just found. I believe that I was a tool to help money flow.

  • Express gratitude. Whatever you are grateful for, you allow more of it to come into your life. Don't wait till you're rich - you can start expressing your gratitude for the money you have and for how it serves you right now.

    Think about all the things that money has allowed you to do - from taking a holiday to buying a gift to a loved one, to enjoying good food daily.

    Gratitude is a powerful tool, so you may want to spend a few minutes daily feeling grateful about the money that you already have. Being grateful for your positive finances now creates more future positive finances.

The tools above can help you to change your beliefs and attitude about money, so that you let go off worrying about money and enjoy positive finances.

It is not a matter of being reckless with money, but to take care of your finances with a calmed and positive attitude.

Check out these money quotes for different perspectives on money at a glance.

An example of positive thinking for positive finances

I want to share with you an example of how our thoughts and beliefs can help to create positive finances:

I once received an unexpected bill, which required me having to pay a fairly large amount of money before a certain date. I quickly tried to come up with the full amount from several sources, but none materialized.

Putting into practice all I knew about the power of my own thoughts and my attitude, I chose to relax into the situation and fully trust that I would be able to pay all the money needed at the time required, and that I would be just fine.

I also used some affirmations, such as "Money comes to me from all expected and unexpected sources", "The money needed for this bill is coming to me right now", "I can pay all my bills on time".

Within the following month, small amounts of money came from here and there: I got a refund for some unused services, I started to find more and more coins on the street, I got paid for an old job, a friend returned to me some money they had borrowed long ago and that I had forgotten about.

Just as I had affirmed, money did come to me and I was able to pay the bill on time.

Remember though, in no way does my experience mean that you'll obtain the same results as I did in regards to money; I am just giving you my approach to finances in a way that works for me by using positive thinking tools.

Although having money is nice, the main benefit I have found to using positive thinking for positive finances is that I have let go of being worried about money.

What can you do to start creating positive finances?

The best thing that you can do regarding your finances is to first understand them. You may want to enlist the help of a financial adviser, or you may know what to do already.

Then, explore your beliefs and thoughts about money, and practice beliefs that make you feel at ease with money.

Then, I would advise you to create more sources of income, because you cannot relay solely on your job to maintain you for life, even less to help you achieve your dreams - specially given the current economic situation.

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Wishing you have positive finances and plenty of money flowing to you right now!

"You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you."

Maya Angelou

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