Positive Phrases For The Day

Use these positive phrases for the day you want to create

We all have days when we wake up completely fed up with our old ways of dealing with life.

You may be tired of seeing yourself reacting in the same negative way towards the usual things, or you may feel you are not where you'd like to be in life.

I've been there.

The good news is that it is possible to make things different, taking it little by little, one day at a time.

What kind of day do you want?

Is is going to be a sad and boring day? A peaceful one? One full of amazement at life? It's up to you! Use the following tools to aid you to place yourself in a positive frame of mind:

  • Visualize how a great day feels. Consciously express what you'd like to happen, like meeting new people, enjoying time on your own, or receiving money.

  • Use positive thinking affirmations and the positive phrases for the day below during your day to actively generate positive feelings in yourself.

  • Meditate by sitting comfortable in a quiet place and focusing on your breath, or observing your thoughts. Choose to have a day full of joy and peace, and let yourself be surprised by what the day brings.

Whichever way, you can use the following positive phrases and modify them at your convenience to have a great positive thinking day.

Positive phrases for the day

I am grateful for all my possessions

I can relax knowing that what I've desired is coming to me

I live in the present moment and enjoy it to the fullest

I am awake to the kindness of people toward me

I am grateful that I have the time today to work on my goals

May I have a day full of joy and may I pass my joy to others

I accept all that comes along and work with it

I choose my actions from a place of peace

I attract positive experiences to my life by the day

I am grateful that I can choose my thoughts to bring happiness to myself and others

I feel full of energy to follow my path

Every moment of my life is unique and marvellous

I enjoy my day in harmony and share my harmony with others

My day is full of brilliant moments where what I've wished for manifests

I am grateful I am alive, enjoying this wonderful experience

I attract the exact conditions that I need to become a fuller person

"Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor."

Brian Tracy

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