Positive Phrases To Master Your Life

Use these positive phrases to tap into your inner strength

You know those days when you wake up and you feel a bit meh? I find that positive thinking phrases are extremely useful in days like that to create a positive start to the day.

In days like those, as soon as I notice after waking up that I may not be feeling at my greatest, I choose to use some of the tools I know to set my mind in a positive direction.

I tell myself positive phrases while I do the first things of the day, like brushing my teeth or taking a shower.

By the time I leave home, I have actually put myself in a positive mood, and I feel that I am in a state of welcoming the way that life wants to show up.

Of course, I believe then that life will show up for me in the best way possible, and will bring me coincidences and serendipity to make my wants come true.

Then, usually, that's what tends to happen ;)

Obviously you can use positive sentences not only at the start of your day, but at any time where you want to increase your feeling good.

Use the following phrases below to start feeling better any time. You can also use them as a guide to build your own positive phrases following the pattern explained in affirmations wording.

Positive phrases

I am the one in command of my thoughts

Every day I find examples of how life supports me

It is easy to be me

Every day I find things to appreciate

I know that life brings me only that which I can deal with

Life keeps always expanding for me

I feel happy to keep creating through my thoughts

It is easy for me to focus on what makes me feel good

I believe that life has many good surprises still in store for me

I have all I need when I need it

I am a powerful creator of my own reality

The world is full of opportunities for me

I appreciate myself for having come this far

Life brings to me the people that help me expand

I can relax

Everything is working out for the best

I am open to receive all kinds of good things

I am at ease with myself

I have experienced many good things in my life already

I choose thoughts that empower me

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Abraham Lincoln

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