Need A Lift? Positive Self Statements To The Rescue!

Love yourself with these positive self statements

Most of us come to our adulthood carrying some sort of complex - we think that we're not talented enough, tall enough, thin enough, smart enough...

At the bottom line it lays that we don't love ourselves fully. I know that it took me a long time to start accepting some of my behaviours and even ways of thinking - I used to put myself down just for having certain thoughts or feelings!

Some complexes may run very deep and it may take a lot of time and/or therapy until we can start to unravel them. However, there are a number of tools to help us help ourselves.

One of these tools is using positive self-statements. These statements are phrases about ourselves which state our positive aspects or qualities. They work just like affirmations in that they allow us to see ourselves in a way that feels good.

Below you will find a list of positive self-statements which you can use to create a positive self-image of yourself. You can print them and paste them in a visible place to keep remembering how wonderful you are ;)

Positive self statements

I am emotionally stronger than I think

I can see myself acting in peaceful ways

I notice easily the ways in which I am already abundant

I am perfect right this moment

I choose to be kind

I completely and deeply accept myself

I can relax in the knowledge that I'm an alright person

It is possible for me to remain calm under stressful circumstances

I can deal with whatever life brings me

I choose to focus on my positive qualities

I remain flexible

I make the most out of every day

I choose to access my self-confidence

I am a loving person

I feel clear, focused and light

I free myself by accepting the way that life seems to appear at present

I have all that I need at every moment 

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