Positive Thinking Activities To Keep You Uplifted!

Pick one of these positive thinking activities to help you keep a positive attitude

There is a range of activities that can help us to feel better almost automatically, perhaps because they connect us with the core of who we really are.

I have compiled below a list of fun positive activities and relevant resources to give you ideas for things to do when you want to improve how you feel or to simply maintain a good mood.

Positive thinking activities

Here's a list of possible positive thinking activities you can undertake:

  • Spend some time in gratitude. Feeling grateful is the all-time mood enhancer which doesn't cost you anything and works within less than a minute. You can even keep a gratitude journal, which is a good way to maintain a positive attitude daily.

  • Watch 'The secret'. This is a positive movie that blew me away the first time I watched it. This movie is highly inspiring and motivating, and it's a great first step towards discovering the powers of your own mind.

  • Read a good book about positive thinking. I have reviewed quite a number of positive thinking books for you so that you can find the perfect one for you at this moment of your life.
  • Water in its natural environment has a very soothing effect. Sit in front of a river, a stream, a lake, or the sea, and allow your thoughts to fall away as you relax.

  • Subscribe to the Notes from the Universe , keep their daily emails and re-read them for a boost. These are truly positive thinking notes that will uplift you every day.

  • Meditate. Meditation is a soothing activity that you can easily fit into your day by dedicating just a few minutes. Meditation brings you awareness and relaxation. Find out more about meditating by following this link.

  • Watch a funny movie. You could rent it or find a free online movie and make yourself comfortable at home with all the paraphernalia: pop-corn, drinks, food. Have a good laugh!

  • Exercise! Just ten minutes of stretching, running on the spot, or doing tai-chi will already make you feel good. You can find exercise videos online and follow them along.

  • Cook a new dish and have a glass of wine while you make it. Enjoy the experience by focusing on your senses: how the ingredients smell, feel, taste...

  • Take a walk. Choose a nearby place you have never been to (for example, a different neighbourhood would do, if you live in a city) and appreciate what you experience.

  • Create a vision board. This is one of my favourite positive thinking activities, because it engages the thoughts and the feelings visually.

    Browse through magazines and cut out pictures that represent what you want to have: the house, the car, the relationships... Paste the pictures on the board and keep it visible to feel inspired and motivated.

  • Go for a picnic in the park. Take along a good book or an interesting magazine and healthy food. Relax. Be open to meet people.

  • Spend time helping someone else to do something. It could be a relative, a neighbour, or a friend. You can also help people on a permanent basis by volunteering to work on a charity shop or helping at a retirement home.

  • Bring out your creative side! Draw, paint, write, compose poetry, mold clay, make jewellery, play music, sing. Your purpose is not to demonstrate how much of an artist you are, but to just have fun!
  • Have a dog? Take it for a walk or spend time playing with them. Notice the miracle of the communication and love that exists between you and your dog.

  • Do some gardening and enjoy the peace of grooming your plants. If you don't have plants, buy yourself a pot plant with flowers of your favourite color, and keep it at your favourite spot at home.

  • Take time to play with your kids or nephews. Notice how the mind of a child is still not constrained by society's rules and values, and it's very creative. Enjoy feeling like a kid again.

Do any of these positive thinking activities regularly to keep a positive attitude! You can also find more tips and advice to maintain a positive outlook in my ebook 'Yes To Life' - buy it now for just $8 and find how you can make your life shine within minutes!

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