How Can Positive Thinking Affirmations Help You?

Positive thinking affirmations have the power to silence your negative thoughts and put you in a positive frame of mind.

Affirmations work by repetition. Simply put, when you repeat affirmations with belief (positive emotion or conviction), your subconscious picks up on them and starts acting as if they were true.

Soon, your mind starts looking for those things, events and people that match whatever it is the affirmation states (for instance, "People are always helpful to me").

You then start seeing that reality manifest all around you.

You can create affirmations for almost anything you can think of. Follow the links below for affirmations for different purposes:

You can even use an affirmation to change your life: find out more by following the link.

Tailor-made affirmations

Do not just repeat any affirmation that you find. Rather, tailor-make them to your needs and adapt them to your personal circumstances.

For example, if you have issues with your health, you may like to focus on positive thinking affirmations to improve your general well being, such as 'My body heals itself', or 'It is easy for me to make healthy choices'.

The words used in affirmations are very important and make a difference. You want your affirmations to work, so you want to choose the right words.

Check this page for the best affirmation wording. Find out also why you would like to use affirmations stated in a positive way.

What is the key point of positive thinking affirmations?

There is just one thing that you must do when you repeat your affirmations, and that is...

...believe them (or at least give them a chance). You don't need to believe them 100%, but you just need enough of the positive feeling to tip over 50%.

Feel good as you're saying your affirmations. Feel as if they were true already and you were just stating the obvious. Start by faking it if needed - nobody is watching!

Find here an easy guide to learn to make affirmations work for you.

Positive thinking affirmations to uplift you

I love myself

I am talented

I am a good listener

I believe in myself

I am creative

I grow stronger every day

Life delivers gifts to me daily

I can achieve what I want

People feel relaxed around me

I am a calm person

It is safe to be myself

My body feels healthy and at ease

I am able to relax easily

I deserve to have peace

I am loved at all times

I have the confidence to handle any situation

I am trustworthy

I face every day with a kind spirit

I am caring

I have access to infinite possibilities

I am self-assured

I inspire others with my actions

I make the most of the opportunities that arise

My mind operates with clarity

I am my best friend

I care for myself

I am flexible

I love change and I grow with it

And of course, my favourite...

Every day in every way I am getting better and better and better.

My aspiration is...

When I first started practicing positive thinking affirmations I found that sometimes affirmations created a contradiction and made me feel bad, as if I wasn't living up to my own expectations.

There I was, saying to myself "I am calm and peaceful", while the little voice in my mind argued "Well, don't you remember the argument you had just yesterday with that person? You weren't exactly calm then."

I found a way of expressing affirmations that would leave me feeling good and full of hope when what the affirmation stated felt out of reach. Pema Chodron in 'Start where you are' talks about aspiration, and so I took the formula "My aspiration is...".

For instance:

  • My aspiration is to lighten up

  • My aspiration is to be more loving

  • My aspiration is to transmit peace

Now there was a difference. When you say "My aspiration is to be peaceful" you accept the fact that you might not have been peaceful in a given moment, but that is okay, because what you choose in this moment is to go towards peace.

The present moment is always your point of power.

Try this formula! It gives quite a lot of hope, specially when the situation feels really difficult or you feel stuck.

Thinking more about yourself? How about some personal affirmation statements to take it even further? 

Grab some interesting affirmation quotes here...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."

Albert Einstein

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