Positive thinking definitely helps

by Phoenix

It was about three and a half years back, when I went through the most terrible period of my life. It was when I was caught with a deadly infection in my brain due to which my health was ruined badly and my mind power and memory suffered a lot.

The time when I got ill I was expecting a promotion at work and was in a relationship with some guy. When that guy came to know about my illness he changed his number and within a month got hooked with somebody else.

I felt no charm in life and was deeply sad. This continued for a month almost after which I thought that I could not change what happened but if I would try to think in a positive way I could still make my life beautiful. Life was still not easy. I replaced all those things and events which reminded me of that guy. I asked my boss whether I could join back and he welcomed me.

My medications were still going but I joined the office, worked whole heartedly and soon got a promotion. There were times when my health did not permit me to work but my strength and positive thinking helped me to overcome all the obstacles.

Then came the time when I had to find somebody else in order to marry. That was also not easy as my past relationship experience was so bitter that I was afraid to get close to any men as I did not trust anybody. After meeting several guys only a year after I found a very intelligent, handsome and honest guy and today we both are married and leading a happy life.

One more thing which is very interesting is that the guy who left me contacted me back and felt sorry. Today my life is normal and I sometimes surprise how everything came on a right track again.

I only want to give this message to everybody that we must enjoy life the way it comes. Even in the worse situations we must think positive. God gives us hardships only to make us strong.

Such situations are not to ruin us but to make us a better person. You will always notice that every great person in this world has suffered such situations in his/her life.

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Feb 10, 2013
Think positive
by: Phoenix

Dear Anonynous,

Today what I am is due to positive thinking.Your body is slave of your thoughts as your thoughts affect your subconscious mind. Now its past 6 years and I am both healthy and happy.
Don't worry your life will settle too.Till then...tc and think positive :-)

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Your story seems very similar to mine. I was terribly infected with Lyme disease that went into my brain and muscoskeletal system. It actually caused severe mental illness in me and it felt like my life was falling apart. My boyfriend dumped me right away also, though I'm glad he did because I believed it was his verbal abuse that pushed me over the edge menatlly. So it was hard to trust men. Sure enough I started dating a very nice man once I was about 90% better. We just broke up and I suspect part of it was his fear over my lyme, that it wouldn't go 100% away. So hopefully I'll find as great of a man as you have if I stay positive. Thank you for sharing.

Feb 08, 2011
Thanks Christina!
by: Phoenix

Thanks Christina!

Feb 08, 2011
So true!
by: Cristina

Hi Phoenix

What I like the most from your contribution is what you wrote of "Such situations are not to ruin us but to make us a better person" - I have just found that to be so true. It is in the difficulties that we do the growing and become better people.

I'm glad that your life seems much smoother now - wishing you the best!

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