A Simple Guide On How To Use Positive Thinking In Everyday Life

Positive thinking in everyday life is easy... and fun!

Whatever the situation, you always have choices. Your core choice is how you react to what is going on.

You can choose to react positively, negatively, or even not to react at all.

You can incorporate positive thinking in everyday life by choosing to react positively.

Yes... but how?

Sometimes we may think negatively about certain situations, specially if they appear to be problems or we are unsure about their outcome.

However, using positive thinking in everyday life is easier than you believe.

All that you need to do is to learn to replace your negative thoughts for positive ones, one thought at a time.


You can find loads of opportunities daily in which to apply positive thinking.

The key to use positive thinking in everyday life is to be aware of when negative thoughts come to you, and rather than running with the negative emotional response they create, choose to focus on a thought that makes you feel good.

Just be aware of your thoughts. Breathe deeply. Resolve to replace the negative thoughts for positive ones.

This is easy, as when you know what you don't want you also know what you do want.

How can you use positive thinking in everyday life?

The following are possible (and common) scenarios of everyday life in which you can choose positive thinking:

  • You are dealing with a client and you are unsure about the outcome of the deal (for the matter, any person with whom you have to agree on something).

    Focus your thoughts on the best possible outcome, and let go of those thoughts that make you feel worried. You never know what happens next.

  • The traffic is heavy and it seems difficult to find a parking place. The usual thought you may have is "It's going to take me ages to park", or something on the line.

    Think instead that it is possible for you to find a parking spot easily and quickly. Everything comes at the right time - and you don't know when that is. Let it come to you easily.

  • Your computer is not working properly and you don't know why. The usual reaction: panic, anger, frustration.

    Rather, calm down; think about the positive aspects of the situation - you can now take a break and relax; besides, you know that the problem will be sorted, anyway, at some point.

Although the thinking shift given in the examples above may appear "too easy" or even silly to you, it works. With each thought you have you are actually re-creating your present and your future anew.

The secret lies in believing in the magic, so to speak. See, it's easy to dismiss such an easy approach, however when you actually keep focusing your thoughts on the positive side to a small frustrating situation, you actually end up feeling better.

Wasn't that the goal? ;)

The key

The key to use positive thinking in everyday life is to be aware of when negative thoughts are developing in your mind.

Otherwise it is really easy to slip into "default mode" and react negatively.

It takes a bit of practice at first, but then there comes a time when you think in positive terms for most of the time, and a negative outlook on life is a rare occurrence.

A good book

You may find it easier to apply positive thinking in everyday life with an inspiring book on positive thinking that you can carry with you (Joe Vitale's 'Life's missing instruction manual' is a good one).

You can read a few pages while you queue at the supermarket, in the public transport, whenever you have to wait, or when you have a break at work.

Reading a few pages of a positive thinking book every day will make it easier for you to maintain a positive attitude.

"What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him."

Louis Mann

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