Keep Going With These Positive Thinking Statements

Positive thinking statements are affirmation sentences expressed in a positive way. They help you to maintain a positive mindset, which contributes to a joyful life.

You can use positive statements in may different ways to suit your lifestyle. For example, you can take a few moments after waking up or before going to sleep to focus on your statements, and round the day nicely.

You can also print them and have them pasted around your desk, or you can write them down on A6 cards that you can carry with you. You can even record them with your own voice and play them back while you're driving.

Whether you "adopt" some of the positive statements below or you modify them to suit your personal circumstances, you will find that positive statements have a calming and empowering effect.

In fact, the best way to use positive phrases of any kind is to alter them to suit your particular circumstances and the words that feel best to you. If you speak a second language, you can even choose the language in which they feel better.

If you had the time and the inclination - or young kids with whom to do this as a fun game - you could even invent words that were meaningful to you and create your own little positive world.

Positive statements help you recreate yourself anew, at any moment, with the image of the person you want to be like.

Remember your power: it is you who chooses how to think about what you experience.

Positive thinking statements for you

I remain calm no matter the circumstances

I am aware of living every moment of my life

Whatever happens, it is always for my highest good

I live up to my own standards

I am kind toward people

The world is a safe place to live in

I respect myself

I care for my well-being

I am thankful for all that I am and that I have

Love is always around me

I am confident in all situations

I am loving to myself

I choose the way I want to be

Life brings me challenges to grow stronger

I enjoy the present moment and make the most out of it

I acknowledge my mistakes, learn from them and move on

People are always willing to help me 

"I will go anywhere as long as it is forward."

David Livingston

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