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Life shows up in different ways - sometimes what happens is convenient to you, like when you receive money unexpectedly; while other times what happens is inconvenient to you, like having a new boss who dislikes you.

You cannot quite control what happens - but you can control how you deal with what happens. You can practice having a positive attitude so that you learn to face events with a positive and helpful frame of mind, if only to make life easier for yourself.

I hear you, "Easier said than done".

No worries! That's why I've put together for you these tips for positive thinking.

Positive thinking tips

The following tips have helped me in different occasions to change my focus and adopt a positive outlook:

  1. Assume that everything is all right at a deeper level - even if it doesn't seem so in the surface.

    For example, you may be in a stressful relationship with someone, and you may see that as "bad" or "wrong" to your life.

    Assume that deep down everything is all right and you will be fine. There is a reason for it happening, anyway.

    This will help you relax and keep a positive frame of mind, so that you can deal with the present more effectively.

  2. Choose to live in the present. 

    Most of our negative thinking takes place when we go back to the past ("I wish I had acted differently", "I was happier then than I am now") or when we fear the future ("I wish this doesn't go wrong", "I'm not sure I'll have enough money").

    However, the present is the only time we have. When you focus on living the present you improve the quality of your life automatically.

    Living in the present means giving your full attention to whatever is happening now. In this way most unhelpful thinking is cut off, and you are better able to handle whatever comes.

  3. Resolve to have courage.

    Nothing is so bad; nothing can really 'finish you' but for death (and even this can be argued, as death can be seen as the next step rather than the end).

    From now until you die, you've got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Notice that it is a waste of time to worry or fear anything, since in any case you do not know for sure what it is going to happen.

    Whenever you find yourself in fear, remember that nothing is definite. Any experience can only make you stronger. Yes, you might find it difficult to cope just now - but know that everything passes.

    Decide that this will be your approach to whatever life handles you and practice it in small things. This will help you to build a resilient attitude.

  4. Find contentment in what you now have.

    There are times when we compare ourselves to other people, or to past or imagined circumstances, and then there arises an unhappiness with our present circumstances.

    However, this can easily tip into a 'never-happy-with-what-I-have' stance: living life as if it would get better later. Guess what, later never comes - life is always now.

    All that you wanted was to live a happy life. All that you have is this moment. Does it not make sense to you to find happiness in what you have now?

    The best stance that I have found is to find things that are pleasing to me in my current circumstances, while keeping envisioning better ones and taking action towards them.

    Finding contentment in your current circumstances could be the simplest of these positive thinking tips, but it is also one of the most effective tips to live an actual happy life.

  5. Choose a goal that you would like to pursue (one of those from the "things to do before you die" list). Get busy planning how you'll make it happen; define what will be the steps to take.

    The goals that fulfill us most are normally those that have to do with personal interests: skydiving, learning to paint, travelling to a remote country, winning a competition... We pursue them in a pure act of self-fulfillment, and in doing so we find joy.

Positive thinking tips submitted by readers

Lareena from Canada gives us this useful tip:

"Record/upload all your favorite affirmations, positive quotes and most importantly songs or music you find that are positive, on an MP3 player or Ipod and have it handy with you at all times. You can't think of much else and can't help but smile when you're listening to your favourite music!!!"

Rajan from India says:

"Be COOL & POSITIVE before starting anything and reach your GOAL with full SUCCESS."

Manoj from India says:

"The goals that fulfill us most are normally those that have to do with personal interests: skydiving, learning to paint, traveling to a remote country, winning a competition... We pursue them in a pure act of self-fulfillment, and in doing so we find joy."

Netshivhuyu Phumudzo from South Africa shares a couple of thoughts:

"When you look for a solution do not go around - sometimes you are the answer."

"Be responsible not of their comments about you, but of your actions for them to comment."

Swetha from India wrote:

"You can become a positive thinker simply by focusing on solutions rather bothering about problems... Always remember to rule your emotions; don't let emotions rule you."

Mishall from Norway wrote:

"If you're grateful enough about what you have, you will not worry about what you don't have."

Gaurav from India wrote:

"Everything is possible in this world. Believe in yourself and do something you can to change the world. See only good things. Don't leave. We are born to win."

Carol from Barbados wrote:

"Surround yourself with positive people, let go of the complainers and moaners, they only get you sucked into a negative mindset. Spend time with happy optimistic people and you will feel happier and begin to take on their traits."

Dhananjay from India wrote:

"IMPOSSIBLE Says I am(M) Possible... so don't let your hopes get down... With this in mind, you CAN achieve the best in your life."

Tara from Pakistan wrote:

"I think to believe in God makes you more strong and positive."

Now get on to it!

Print these positive thinking tips and keep them handy. Even more, why don't you add your own positive thinking tips?

Whenever you come across something that works for you (a specific change in thoughts, a behaviour, or an activity, for instance) write it down and add it to your positive thinking tips list.

As you create your own arsenal of positive thinking tips you will find that you become more resourceful and more able to deal with whatever life brings you. Well done, you! ;) 

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."

Zig Ziglar

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