Positive Thinking People

Positive thinking is helpful to feel good most of the time - with ourselves, with any person, and in any situation. It provides a viewpoint on life that helps you to live lightheartedly.

The path to positive thinking

Some people come to find out about thinking in a positive way after repeated suffering, as they search for tools to put an end to prolonged despair.

Others start looking at life positively after a life-changing event, like being notified of a terminal illness or the sudden death of someone close.

Whichever way we get to think positively, the path is different for each of us, and comes to us at exactly the right time.

What is positive thinking?

Broadly speaking, it is the skill of thinking in a way that leaves you feeling good. There are many techniques that help you to do that, as you will find on this site.

Though the main concept is the same, how each person understands it practically is different from one another.

For example:

  • You get the eternal optimists. They seem to have an inborn quality to look at everything positively. Difficult people to deal with at work? Not to worry! Lack of money? Everything will be provided!

    These people are always very inspiring. I remember a good friend at University - a young woman who, despite having had a childhood of abuse and having had problems with drugs, she managed to leave it all behind and live every day in joy.

  • Most of us are just part of "the bunch", people that with time and knowledge (help from experts, loads of book-reading, or great introspection) get to feel quite positive about life, most of the time.

    We need to understand what negative emotions mean for us, and how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings. All this done, then thinking in a positive way fits into our lives perfectly.

  • There are also the "defensive pessimists": people that find positive negative thinking to be their way. 

    Defensive pessimists evaluate the possible negative outcomes of a situation, and they decide on a positive course of action to prevent those negative outcomes from happening.

    This tactic may seem lengthy and useless to some, however it does work for others. Julie Norem has written a comprehensive book on defensive pessimism: 'The positive power of negative thinking'.

You can live life in joy most of the time, rather than in anxiety and fear. Learning to think in a positive way and practicing it consistently helps you to lead an easier life.

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"Don't do anything half way unless you're willing to be half happy."

From the film 'How do you know?'

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