'Power Over Procrastination': How to get out of the rut and into the projects you want to see advance...

'Power Over Procrastination' is a handbook which contains a method and key strategies to overcome procrastination easily. Keep reading to find out more...

Is procrastination causing you pain? Do you worry, feel anxious and stressed as deadlines approach? Do you feel stuck in your life because you don't do what you know you need to do?

It's easy to feel hopeless when in your mind and heart you desire to do something, but in practice you cannot seem to bring yourself to take action. I want you to know that you don't need to struggle with procrastination.

Just imagine how you'll feel once you overcome procrastination altogether and see progress in various aspects of your life. Bye-bye to stress, distraction and the spinning head, and hello to "... another one done!"

My handbook 'Power Over Procrastination' will help you discover and tackle the thoughts and emotions behind procrastination. You'll then find out how to overcome these invisible negative elements with proven techniques and strategies that you can put into practice straight away.

How did I create the Power Over Procrastination method?

In my final year of high school I slightly overcommitted. In just four months I had to juggle a broken toe, several school and piano exams, a driving license test, a volunteer job, university registration and a move to a different city.

Yes, my last year in high school was a challenge. I created a system to stay on track with all the different commitments which needed my attention, and I had a lot of fun as I accomplished all that I had set myself to.

Fast forward to now, and I still use the system and skills I developed back then, together with other strategies that I have discovered or invented through the years.

Without this system and strategies I wouldn't be able to work a full-time job, spend time with my partner, run a website and still have time to lead a fulfilling life.

You can take advantage of my method to overcome procrastination and make progress with the projects which really matter to you. I have refined my method over the last 15 years and I'm very happy to present it to you now.

What do you get in 'Power Over Procrastination'?

In this handbook you will discover the most frequent reasons why we procrastinate. You will learn about the thoughts and emotions behind procrastination - the stories we tell ourselves.

You will also learn about the elements that you can put into place to help you overcome procrastination with ease.

Inside 'Power Over Procrastination' you'll find ...

... an easy 7-Step method that you can use to plan, manage and complete large projects. (p.22)

... the Tiny-Step technique which you can apply to make progress on many different projects every day with calm focus. (p.26)

... 15 practical procrastination-busting strategies that you can implement to get started with your projects and create momentum straight away. (p.29)

... a blank model of the Tiny-Step List - already created for you to simply print and use. (p.44)

All this material will help you to overcome procrastination in a fun and easy way, in your own style and with the techniques that serve you best.

Why should you get the 'Power Over Procrastination' handbook?

You probably realize by now that the main reason you want this handbook is because it will give you the tools you need to overcome procrastination and get things done.

You will therefore be free of the anxiety and other emotional baggage that comes along with procrastination.

Procrastination drains your energy, time and money. This handbook will help you take back charge of your resources and use them to advance your own projects and dreams.

'Power Over Procrastination' is also...

  1. Quick: You can download your copy within a few minutes after ordering and get started right away.

  2. Practical: The 51-page PDF format means you can use it on your desktop, laptop or portable devices. You can also print it out to read and take notes on.

  3. Safe: I use a world-class secure order and delivery system provided by e-junkie.

  4. Affordable: $29.97 to learn all you need to know to overcome procrastination. That's about the same price as a pair of jeans or a night out at the movies - just much more empowering!

  5. No risk: You have a 100% money-back guarantee. I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Let me know if you're not and I'll refund your order straight away.

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