These Principles Of Positive Attitude Can Change The Way You Look At Life

Push your positive button with the help of these principles of positive attitude

Very simplified, you can mainly look at life in a positive or negative light. Life will show up for you according to the point of view that you usually maintain.

Through this web site I don't try to tell you that the negative stuff doesn't exist. What I tell you is that you can choose to look at anything in a positive light; if only because it feels so much better.

Principles of positive attitude

The following are a few principles of positive attitude that I have made up of my experience of life:

  • Life is enjoyable. There are many things available to enjoy in life, from which you've already had a few: good people, experiences, food, material things, nature...

  • Life is full of opportunities for you. As Joe Vitale puts it in 'Life's missing instruction manual', life is like a catalogue and you get to choose what you want. With a positive attitude you can have all that you want.

  • The bad stuff has a reason to be. The bad experiences and bad times are part of a cycle, as Eckhart Tolle explains in 'Practicing the power of now', and they are necessary for us to grow.

    Besides, they usually contain a physical or metaphysical lesson for us: a car accident in which you were only injured, for instance, can be interpreted as a signal for you to slow down in life (and perhaps driving too).

    You can relax if you understand that in the end it's all good.

  • You are in the right place at the right time. You need not control the development of events, for you are exactly where you need to be, and what is happening to you is exactly what is best for you.

    Besides, you are perfect just the way you are; as Joe Vitale puts it, "Be who you are. There's no one that can be you better".

There's a certain amount of trust, faith and hope in these principles of positive attitude. When you trust and relax in the flow of life you find out that everything falls into place, and you might even realize how big a part the negative experiences played in your life.

Open your eyes

If you believe that life has loads of good things for you and just for you, your eyes will see those things. They don't need to be massive; you can see life blessing you in small events, like someone letting you go in front at the supermarket queue, or in finding a coin.

The core motto of these principles of positive attitude is that life is great! Believe so, and everything will start to demonstrate to you that life is actually great.

It may also take you sometime to change your beliefs about life, depending on where you are starting from; but it is doable. You'll see ;)

"I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet."

Persian proverb

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