'Pure' By Barefoot Doctor

"You are here and you are powerful. And you block that."

This is the way 'Pure' starts. This book represents a journey of unblocking oneself - letting go of all the emotional and thought baggage we carry and experiencing life from what Barefoot Doctor calls "hyperreality".

This book is based on the teachings of the Tao, "the mother of all existence". As Barefoot Doctor states: 

"Relax and trust and you instantly create a reality you can relax into and trust. It's as simple and simplistic as that."

In 'Pure' you find techniques and ways to use your body and the energy that flows through it (chi) for well being, and ultimately to play the game of life successfully.

This book is a guide to creating the life we want, starting from the body, through mind and spirit.

The book is nicely divided in short chapters, and it covers many different aspects of life; some of them are:

  • Reality and illusion. Barefoot Doctor explains how everything is an illusion, and how what's real to each of us depends largely on the story we tell ourselves about how reality "is": "Tell yourself a different story about it and reality changes."

  • Addiction. The books explains how addiction stems from an imbalance of the yin and yang forces, and it gives a technique to balance those forces and so to overcome addiction.

  • Resistance and acceptance. By resisting the way that life is manifesting at any given moment, we're blocking the flow of life. Accepting, specially those thoughts and feelings we most resist to, is key to allow whatever we want to manifest next.

This book contains many gems of wisdom, and effective techniques to start changing your life for the better. I regularly practice some of the techniques from this book - and the results I get are pleasantly surprising.

My recommendation to you: get 'Pure' today and put in practice the techniques. Whenever you've finished it, read it again - it will keep on telling you something new every time.

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"You receive with your soul. You give with your heart."

Barefoot Doctor

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