Eleven Reasons To Go To Work

Fed up with your job? Find motivation in these reasons to go to work

So there I was: I had the perfect office job, working as a team leader for a large organization, in a cushy and secure position, with a small team of nice and easy-going people, in a building with glass panes to the street which allowed all the sunlight in, well paid, within twenty minutes of travel distance from my home, never too demanding...

...yet I was very, very unhappy.

At first I thought I had just lost interest in the job because I had been doing the same thing for a number of years.

I thought changing my jobs would be the solution, and I kept on looking for another job for a while.

However, my dissatisfaction at being at my workplace grew and grew, and I chose to ignore it.

I just went in, did my job, felt the dissatisfaction, and shut it down when I left every day.

I was reaching a critical point; my partner at the time relates that one night, while I was sleeping and he was reading next to me, I spoke while dreaming and said "I hate my job!".

I was shocked when he told me the next morning; I didn't know my feelings were so strong as to use the word 'hate', let alone to speak about it while dreaming.

I fell sick; nothing drastic or life-threatening, but sufficiently bothering for it to be the perfect "excuse" to stay home.

I hadn't been sick in years, and I knew entirely that I had "manifested" the sickness because I didn't want to go to work.

Over one weekend, my partner helped me to help myself.

He brought to the table the fact that I was allowing myself to be sick so as to not to go to work - and he said (oh magic!), "But you'll have to go back and face it, eventually".

His words left me thinking for the rest of the day.

At that time of my life I was busy with other projects to create automated income and eventually be able to stop working for somebody else altogether, but I knew that in the meantime I would need to keep on having a secure income to pay my bills.

I reasoned, "I might as well take my job with the best attitude possible, and make my life easier".

That is how my list of reasons to go to work was born. Of course, the moment I faced my situation and created my list of reasons to go to work, I started recovering from my sickness.

This list became extremely useful to me on the weeks following. I had created the list with the intention of using it as a motivator when I felt dissatisfied at work, as a way to pay attention to the positives.

Yet, it seemed like the list had sparkled a bigger magic: I started to truly enjoy my job.

I started to find certain aspects of my job really satisfying. The interactions with people at work took a whole new level of meaning.

I felt no longer 'caged' in a job, but rather taking advantage of all that the job gave me while still creating my projects in my personal life.

So today I'm passing on to you a shorter version of my list of reasons to go to work, with the wish that they inspire you and motivate you if you feel dissatisfied with your job. Here they are...

Eleven reasons to go to work

  1. It gives me an opportunity to leave home and see different scenes

  2. I get to practice being with my breath, be calm and be aware at different circumstances

  3. It makes me appreciate more my time off work and thus use it even more wisely

  4. It gives me around 40-50 minutes of reading daily (my commute to and from work)

  5. It allows me to have a different lunch every day without having to cook

  6. I get to practice “begin with the end in mind” and “win-win situations” with many different people

  7. It gives variety to my days

  8. It gives me opportunities to take pictures

  9. It helps me to take full responsibility for my own life

  10. It allows me to wake up on my own and use the first hours of my day to gain clarity and peace and choose what day I want to have

  11. I get to have interesting conversations with people

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"Nothing will work unless you do."

Maya Angelou

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