Making Your Way Towards Resilient Positive Thinking

Build resilient positive thinking to make your own life easier

I take that since you are reading this site, you are interested in positive thinking and in creating a better life through it (though you may ask yourself, "Does positive thinking work?").

You may even want to acquire a lasting positive attitude. So...

There is you, choosing to maintain positive thinking.

Then some bad news come in, or something happens that is inconvenient to you, and the positive thinking goes down the drain.

Is everything lost?

No, never, no need to be hard on yourself. Your positive attitude is still there, but your focusing on 'what's wrong' hides it.

Your positive attitude is just there, waiting for you to get back to it (for extreme situations you can check these tips on survival positive thinking).

Resilient positive thinking grows from persistence.

It means that when you realize that you have been focusing on thoughts or taking actions that make you feel bad, you simply choose to re-focus.

Accept that we all make mistakes and that we cannot be perfect 100% of the time. The point is not to be positive all the time, anyway.

The point is to benefit from your own positive thinking as much as you can (and enjoy the ride!), and get back to it whenever you feel you are off track.

Build your resilience with these positive I statements and have a look at these positive thinking ideas. You can also use meditation to build resilience.

Be a phoenix bird

When you are determined to enjoy positive thinking you are a bit like the phoenix bird, which is reborn from its own ashes.

You go on, get off track, focus on thinking positively with even more strength, and the pure action reinforces your resilient positive thinking.

While all that happens, you also get to learn better how to build resilience, and you are able more and more to remain positive in negative circumstances.

If you truly want to make yourself a much more positive and stress-free person, then decide that you will do your best to deal with any situation that comes along.

You could use these positive thinking daily affirmations or this positive attitude tip to support you.

You also need to move on

Don't dwell on temporary negative circumstances. Rather, focus your attention on the next step you want to take for yourself.

Thinking about oneself and getting back to your own projects is a great tool to build resilient positive thinking.

When you focus on what you want to accomplish, you create in yourself a sense of worthiness and purpose, which generates good, positive energy

This energy is your fuel.

The better you feel with your life, yourself and what you do, the easier it is to build resilient positive thinking that will help you in difficult circumstances (find out more about the importance of the positive feeling).

This is a step for maintaining a positive attitude.

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A useful tool for resilient positive thinking

You can also start developing a resilient positive attitude with the help of Holosync.

Through a number of soundtracks, this program helps you to become more aware of yourself and the way you react to circumstances, so that you are able to choose more easily the attitude you want to have.

Little by little, those "buried issues" come to the surface, allowing you to face them from a higher point of view, thus being able to choose a permanent attitude towards them which brings you more peace overall.

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"Fall seven times; stand up eight."

Japanese proverb

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