Seeking Happiness?
*You Have Already Arrived*

I know what you are seeking.

You are seeking happiness. You're seeking being at peace with yourself and with everybody else; you're seeking communication, understanding, connection.

Everybody else is seeking the same too.

Some of us still think that happiness lies in having the job we want, or the house we want, or the lifestyle we want.

Those are external elements of happiness. They do come... but you do not have to wait for them to be happy.

The happiness you're seeking is forever-existing and all-permeating. It is already in place.

Why you may not feel it is because you're not accessing the place where happiness resides.

But you can choose to access it.

At first it may feel a bit awkward. With some practice, you will get to be able to access that place of happiness from whichever state you are.

A little experiment on not seeking happiness

Travel with me now in this imagination trip...

...You already have the house you want. You already live where you want to live. You already have the partner and the friends you want. You feel fully healthy and young. You are loved and appreciated beyond what you could have ever possibly imagined. All problems you had are resolved. You already have all the time of the world to do the things you always wanted to do, whether they bring you money or not, because you already have enough money to not have to work again.

Imagine that you already have all that you have been seeking and wanting.

Relax into this state. Feel how you don't have any worries anymore, and you're not rushed anymore to get anything done.

Feel how good it feels to stop seeking happiness.




See, you don't actually have all those things (yet), but you were there fully relaxed, content and happy just now. Because, as you stopped seeking it, you actually allowed happiness into your life right that moment.

You access the timeless happiness when you stop seeking it. While you're seeking happiness, you cannot possibly experience it.

The moment you stop seeking it is the moment that you allow it to come into you - which is to say, you realize that it was there all along.

And then you realize that you can actually be happy here now ;-)

"People who need the most validation from the outside world are craving the validation they miss from themselves."

Alan Cohen

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