Soaring with Eagles, Flying with Turkeys?

by Phil Beswick

In 2010 I had it all, marriage, career, a nice house and was very happy. Then it all went wrong and quite quickly too. My wife left me unexpectedly, my career began to grind me down and I turned 40!

Firstly I turned to drink as a comfort but wondered what I could do to help myself, so I decided to volunteer in a Nepalese orphanage to help others. I returned to the UK determined to do something - so i did. I gave away all my possessions, left my job and rented the house and travelled for 12 months through Asia, New Zealand and Australia doing charity and voluntary work. Then I walked across Spain for 6 weeks raising money for my local terminally ill hospice.

Throughout this experience I had felt strangely compelled to write, even though I had never written before and I produced a book, self publishing it and is now available for sale on my website and amazon, where on uk and .com sites it has received 22 5 star reviews, making me very proud of my achievements. I am donating money from every copy sold to the hospice too.

I realised so many things during the time away and this book is now helping others too; exactly what I wanted when I wrote it. I have since sold my house, and now travel helping others instead. My life is better and more richer for it. Thank you for allowing me to share this with other people who look for inspiration to enhance their lives.

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Apr 13, 2015
True positive inspiration
by: Anonymous

you have made amazing journey of your life. this inspire me to do what I think to do in my real life.
I think after reading this I was never wrong with the aspect which i saw to spend my life too.

Thanks and good luck
God bless you

Jun 09, 2013
Thank you for sharing!
by: Cristina

Hi Phil, thank you for sharing that! It feels to me that you've made such a beautiful journey out of your life... thank you for all that you give!

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